"Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE)"

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

DepEd ARMM joins the 28th ARMM Anniversary.

The 28th founding ARMM Anniversary was celebrated yesterday, November 20, 2017 and dubbed as “Pakaradjaan sa ARMM 2017”. It  was actively participated by the DepED-ARMM officials and employees headed by Dr. John A. Magno. The celebration was begun through a parade  among officials and employees coming from different lines agencies in ARMM.

One of the highlights of the Pakaradjaan sa ARMM 2017 was Food Festival among line agencies representing various tribes in ARMM, wherein the DepED-ARMM was assigned to prepare the Yakan delicacies.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Statement of Appropriations, Allotments & Obligation 2016

Public Service Quality Summit 2017

The DepEd-ARMM invites division offices and other partners to attend Public Service Quality Summit 2017 at Cebu City with a theme "Enhancing Public Service Delivery and Improving Client Satisfaction Through ISO-9001, Quality Management System"

The summit aims at promoting public sector performance through adoption of ISO-9001 Quality Management System in all agencies of government (EO 605, Sec 2, par. 1), recognizing citizen-driven government organizations that have attained ISO-9001 certification for other government agencies to emulate, promoting integrity, accountability, proper management of public affairs and public property as well as to establish effective practices aimed at the prevention of graft and corruption in government.

This Summit will be conducted on November 23-24, 2017. For more details you may contact this email, [email protected]

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Non-Working Holiday for the 2nd Time.

Again, October 17, 2017, is declared non-working holiday in connection with the nationwide transport strike.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mandates, Vision, Mission & Core Values


To establish, maintain and support a complete and integrated system of quality education that is meaningful, relevant and responsive to the needs, ideals and aspiration of the people in Muslim Mindanao.


We dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to building the nation.
As a learner-centered public institution, the Department of Education continuously improves itself to better serve its stakeholders.


To provide a regional basic education system that is inclusive, equitable and responsive to the regional needs.
To prepare multi-literate learners for productive and useful lives.



The Present Organizational Structure.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

DepED-ARMM will capacitate the ground in using IT for teaching and learning improvement.

The DepED-ARMM will conduct ICT capacity building program in schools to selected personnel who engaged technology works in order to snare themselves with current trends on ICT for education. 

The objectives of the program is to equip among themselves the use Learning Action Cell (LAC) session to share their individual talents and knowledge to their co-teachers as K to 12 Program school-based continuing professional development strategy for the improvement of teaching and learning processes.

Further, to educate teachers and technology leaders in understanding what students/children should know about the norms of appropriate of technology use through digital citizenship. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

ARMM Teacher Got Famous Award.

Shaiha A. Irahani, she rose from Tampakan, Simunul, Tawi-Tawi, presently practicing her teaching profession in Bongao Central District garnered winner as Regional CSC ARMM's 2017 Search for the Outstanding Government Workers. Congratulations!

Image credited to John A. Magno

Advisory on the Conduct of the 2017 National Literacy Conference

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Marawi Brigada Eskwela is set on October 2017

      The twelve (12) schools in Marawi City have been cleared by the AFP and was opened last September  5, 2017 . The “Brigada Eskwela sa Marawi” will be conducted with paired & twinned regions, divisions & schools to assist for the repair & clean-up of 12 schools on October 9-10, 2017. The indicated matrix is hereunder stated for information & guidance of all concerned.

Name of School (Marawi City)
Twin Division Offices
Sultan Conding Elem. School
Misamis Oriental, Region X
Sikap Elem. School
Sultan Kudarat, Region XII
Cabingan Primary School
Tacurong City, Region XII
Banga Primary School
Cotabato City, Region XII
Datu Tambak Etado Prim. School
Koronadal City, Region XII
Rorogagus Elem. School
CDO, Region X
Bito Elem. School
Pagadian City, Region IX
Pendolonan Primary School
Dapitan City, Region IX
Bdulazis Elem. School
South Cotabato, Region XII
Camp. Bagong Amai Pakpak Central Elem. School
Camiguin, Region X
Sugod Central Elem. School
Surigao Del Sur, Region XIII
Mipaga Elem. School
Dinagat Island, Region XIII

Source : DepED Memorandum dated September 4, 2017

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Assessment of Competency Examination for Teachers in (SULU Division) ARMM (ACETA)

S001 Abbang Sharif Majid
S002 Abbas Rizza-Jay Ismali
S003 Abbas Naila Ismael
S004 Abbisani Pearl Raiza J
S005 Abdelnasir Bercilina Angkaya
S006 Abdu Rosalyn Suhudan
S007 Abdugaram Anwar Ambas
S008 Abduhadi Marwina Abdumain
S009 Abduhari Shedri J. (no pds)
S010 Abduhasad Amin Kasim
S011 Abdulajid Nurisa Arabani
S012 Abdulla Darwisa Tiblan
S013 Abdulla Al-Faizal Pitong
S014 Abdulla  Arwida Tiblan
S015 Abdulmajid Jhonny Usab
S016 Abdulmajid Nurshida Jalalan
S017 Abdulmajid Nurhaida Jalalan
S018 Abdurajan Eddie Allie
S019 Abdurajik Wajia Barikel
S020 Abduwa Rowena Hadjiruddin
S021 Abequebel Jessie  
S022 Abirun Nurima Lukkong
S023 Abubakar Badran A. (no pds)
S024 Abubakar Nelda Isnari
S025 Abubakar Hji. Wilhamin Mohammad
S026 Adala Alvin Adjok
S027 Adala Edhan Bangsa
S028 Adduh Adawiya Hatta
S029 Adian Wilma Alan
S030 Adidul Nadzria Baiting
S031 Adil Donavel Isnirul
S032 Adil Benradzdee Joe
S033 Adilon Al-Masir Jami
S034 Adjang Carmen Bandahala
S035 Adju Abdul-Muhgni A
S036 Adjuh Sharifa Rojia Anding
S037 Agga Benhar Arri
S038 Agpangan Nurfaina Amil
S039 Ahajani Nur-Aisa Arri
S040 Ahajani Sherhaja Arri
S041 Ahamad Sitti Nina Hapil
S042 Aharuddin Fhadz Sajil
S043 Aharuddin Carmina Sajili
S044 Ahidji Rizel Tan
S045 Ahmad Alvin Abduhari
S046 Ahmadsata Saada Mukalid
S047 Aiyub Adelaida Mangkabong
S048 Ajijul Shemalyn Bagawi
S049 Akmad Gannat Abdurahman
S050 Akmad  Fatima Edzra Antao
S051 Akmadi Gafrina Subbo
S052 Akmador Darwisa Agpangan
S053 Alang Sitti Mariam Sahadain
S054 Alawi Sali Indanan
S055 Alibangsa Nardo Marah
S056 Alibasa Marja-leena Bangsaja
S057 Alibasa Asmala Juk
S058 Alibbun Perlina Kipli
S059 Alih Samina Jikiri
S060 Alih Jikiri Abdurapih
S061 Alih Adzhar Akok
S062 Alih Mohammad Faizal Sarabi
S063 Alihuddin Benzal Ladjasali
S064 Alihuddin Sampaguita Jadjuli 
S065 Allama Wadja Arip
S066 Allama Rujiyam Jaafar
S067 Alli Ruhina Sabdani
S068 Alvarez Almarezza Lakay
S069 Ambalong Isnani Perez
S070 Amdad Arnel Mukamali
S071 Amdan Alsamier Asiri
S072 Amil Alkindar Julkanain
S073 Amilasan Rahina Simul
S074 Aming Hudaya Muksan
S075 Aming Sakur Abdurasid
S076 Aminulla Al-shamier Harun
S077 Amirul Carsuma Jalilul
S078 Ammad Shaline Valdez
S079 Ampung Ombri Jumadil
S080 Andain Abdulhajar Amil
S081 Andalahao Jocelyn Fernandez
S082 Andan Ahmad-ali Ommalin
S083 Andu Nur-sitti Imad
S084 Angkil Jayson P
S085 Angkil Denhar Ibrahim
S086 Annong Jainalyn Sali
S087 Anuddin Zufri Dandon
S088 Apan Jhun Juan Ekiram
S089 Appao Muammar Halim
S090 Aquil Bhencaizal Arip
S091 Arabani Jimar Said
S092 Arad Khairunnisa Sulaiman
S093 Arad Rokhaida Sulaiman
S094 Aradais Bensar Usab
S095 Aradji Misba Ismula
S096 Arajan Al-Saufar Aharul
S097 Arola Nur-in Amiri
S098 Arsad Mujahida Lucman
S099 Arsad Alina Lukman
S100 Asaali  Al-Fadim Maih Sarail
S101 Asadil Junior Mohammad
S102 Asanji Aisha Abdurajak
S103 Asaral Mizzalene Asaji
S104 Asaral Cynthalene Asaji
S105 Asarud Medzfar Ahmad
S106 Asiri Salip Radiea  Tugusan
S107 Asiri Fainda Muin
S108 Asiri Mc Roedel Sarajan
S109 Asla Karima Wahid
S110 Awali Alijar Arakama
S111 Bahlan Al-dasir Kastiri
S112 Bakil Fitrie Diva Ulao
S113 Bakil Hasanal Amman
S114 Baluan Asmah Musa
S115 Bandahala Ferwina Anjilani
S116 Bara Abijari Handan
S117 Bara Nurvin Janani
S118 Baridji Sittie Warka Moh. Alam
S119 Basri Nurkaisa Asri
S120 Bassal Salbiya Lawisan
S121 Baybayan Mohd. Zham Zham Ballaho
S122 Baybayan Sherhaja Ballaho
S123 Calunsag Nida Bullo
S124 Canas Prama Intan Hadjirul
S125 Dabbang Al - Khabir Sabtia
S126 Dammang Sherilyn Hadjibain
S127 Dawaim Marwa Haming
S128 De Leon Jheanifer Buenaobra
S129 Dizing Radzhat A. (no pds)
S130 Dumayag Almuktar Tiblani
S131 Elias Nurmayda Ismah
S132 Endih Mohammad Asraf Dambong
S133 Estino Mawakip Hajal
S134 Gadjali Al-nahar Muradjam
S135 Gadul Shermahal Julhari
S136 Galdan Rohilyn Gappar
S137 Garingan Samla Sariol
S138 Habibon Erna Hamsaji
S139 Habibul Farisa Ahirun
S140 Habibun Rahima Kadiam
S141 Habinon Erna Hamsaji
S142 Hadjail Sitti Rafia Quillo
S143 Hadjiril Abdul Lakkian
S144 Hadjirul Soler Adjirun
S145 Hadjirul Nur-Aisa Dugasan
S146 Hadjirul Kamra T
S147 Hailani Jennelyn Taalim
S148 Hailidani Narme- Shar Yusop
S149 Hairani John Romar Salam
S150 Hajal Sahibul Asdali
S151 Hajan Nurjia Hairani
S152 Hajud Mussah Ismula
S153 Hajud Benhar Jalaida
S154 Halik Marsina Abburan
S155 Haliluddin Muhattam Naim
S156 Halud Al-Juneer Singkay
S157 Halud Cristina Aquino
S158 Haluddin Muhattam Naim
S159 Halun Nursida Gangan
S160 Hamri Adzhar Jaihari
S161 Hamsi Shetra Baid
S162 Harun Mudznalyn Pailan
S163 Harun Roger Hapas
S164 Harun- Abdulmajid Nurjia Saidul
S165 Hashim Abdusabur Ismail
S166 Hasim Nurjima Idiris
S167 Hasim Narjia Astarani
S168 Hasmi Shetra Baid
S169 Hassan Sharifa-Aini Umabong
S170 Hassan Al-Mizhar Abdurazad
S171 Hatang Nurrahma Apipuddin
S172 Hawari Farhibie Bangsa
S173 Hayudini Nurhina Udjah
S174 Hernani Eldisin Ismail
S175 Hunain Willy Duri
S176 Hunain Benjilyn Velasco
S177 Hunnoh Usman Kulani
S178 Husein Al-Sali Janani
S179 Hussien Tommy Bairulla
S180 Ibihasim Raizha Hussin
S181 Ibno Tisiya Jana
S182 Ibno Sitti Harkum Raja
S183 Iddig Jamhali Lakibul
S184 Ignacio Merna Jane Manguiob
S185 Ikmad Julmina Jamlain
S186 Ikiram Putre Audrina Allama
S187 Ikiram Ayang S
S188 Imlan Nurdiya Ibrahim
S189 Impas Emerjia Bairulla
S190 Indal Rupaida Pandaug
S191 Indal Ibnorasad Jr Jamiluddin
S192 Ingilan Huraija Sanoh
S193 Iraji Khadija Kahal
S194 Isa Aunal Injani
S195 Ishmael Satra Kapunan
S196 Ishmael Bisrahim Jalade
S197 Ishmael Satra Alan
S198 Iskandar Joana Iraes
S199 Ismael Sitti Julma Hadjirul
S200 Ismael Julhaida Mammah
S201 Ismail Durugan Suaide
S202 Ismah Minahim Abdulhalim
S203 Ismun Hajirin Julah
S204 Ismuraji Nur-aina Kali
S205 Isnaji Alsimar Sumail
S206 Isnaji Gerry Sawad
S207 Jaafar Judy Bilasco
S208 Jaafar Marhuma Ibrahim
S209 Jaalain Alkhedaar Ekong
S210 Jahaddin Nurjana Jalili
S211 Jahang Rosmia Sarahani
S212 Jailani Albar Hadjilani
S213 Jailani Nasir Samara
S214 Jailani Shermahal Bandahala
S215 Jailani Asia Ujaji
S216 Jainul Basir Bandun
S217 Jajalis Nurul - in Abbay
S218 Jalaide Khadija Abdulla
S219 Jalaide Berhama Undikan
S220 Jalil Nursuada Ular
S221 Jamil Erwin Tuhong
S222 Jamsuri Indarwisa Sampang
S223 Janani Adawiya Bari
S224 Jasa Nurnisa Mohammad Salih
S225 Jikirani Aldrin Mukarrama
S226 Jikiri Aidyl Jeffrey Adulla
S227 Jimlani Arcilyn Nuluddin
S228 Jimlan-Najar Farzheima Hadjirul
S229 Jiyusmir Nagdir Linggah
S230 Juhudi Immir Sawabi
S231 Jul Rosenda Asmah
S232 Julambre Maulidan Sappayani
S233 Julhan Mohammad Al-Muhtazem Kiram
S234 Julhasan Medzfar Julhani
S235 Julhasirin Sibar Tungupon
S236 Jumadil Yushra Sahirani
S237 Jumlail Alvad Allama
S238 Jupakkal Hannah Amilussin
S239 Jurah Nurhaina  Hadjiruddin
S240 Jurah Lerna Hadjiruddin
S241 Juripae Murphey Susulan
S242 Jurrael Nur-Wina Alamia
S243 Kadil Nurkintam Pasihul
S244 Kadil Sukrana Talib
S245 Kadil Rosemalyn Amil
S246 Kahil Jainab Inding
S247 Kalimuddin Arwen Tulawie
S248 Kamdi Amina Ismael
S249 Kamsa Wadzna Sabre
S250 Kapunan Nurhana Alan
S251 Karim Edzmar Abdula
S252 Karim Fhadzra Asiri
S253 Karma Bairulla Titong
S254 Kasim Jul-Amin Sallang
S255 Kasim Moldison Kastiri
S256 Kasim Fatima Medzraina Suhaili
S257 Kasim Alona Basari
S258 Khasmer Nazrimar Kadiam
S259 Kibtiani Aida Lyn  Pataray
S260 Ladja Nashra Gem Hailani
S261 Ladja Rasmia Andulla
S262 Ladjahasan Nur- Rayyana Diya
S263 Lagay Jainur Julkarnin
S264 Lakibul Dianessa Kalabud
S265 Lakibul Nurjihada Halid
S266 Lalinjaman Abdulnasser Amirul
S267 Lim Jameson Reyes
S268 Lingkatan Mussah Nilde Amil
S269 Lipae Almashin Sarapuddin
S270 Lukman Al-Judie Muddini
S271 Mabazza Mark Joniel Ahajani
S272 Maddas Farhan Amil
S273 Madjaron Albinal Jamah
S274 Mahalan Evalyn Aylani
S275 Majan Ferry Jainatul
S276 Majid Farha Udah
S277 Majid Darwisa Sali
S278 Majuri Munaira Addah
S279 Malik Enelsar Balais
S280 Maluddin Darwisa Asao
S281 Mandangan Cheryl Usman
S282 Mangkabong Imelda Jauhari
S283 Manjoorsa Alqassim Usman
S284 Mansilla Ben-Ezrah Hapas
S285 Manuel Crisanta Eddih
S286 Masarik Venalyn Velasco
S287 Masdal Fatima Aliuddin
S288 Masillam Albasher Jaruni
S289 Mawad Haiber A. (no pds)
S290 Misbon Jerson Endon
S291 Mocaram Reezan Aliuddin
S292 Mocaram-Julmadi Reezalee A. (no pds)
S293 Moh. Sali Lilma Hadjarani
S294 Mohamad Ahmad Edrian Bakki
S295 Mohammadnur Farida Jamuddin
S296 Muammil Murdalyn Sahibil
S297 Mudassil Nursalyn Habbisi
S298 Mudjahirin Meryati Untih
S299 Mukalil Katrina Sawadi
S300 Muksan Muslima Albani
S301 Najar Sumarnie Sali
S302 Nur Al-Radzkhan Nurulla
S303 Nurhasan Midzfar Nanang
S304 Omar Ahmar Yusop
S305 Omar Kabila Hadi
S306 Padin Benzar M. (no pds)
S307 Palahuddin Moh. Khamar Basirul
S308 Pandaug Seribel Gaber
S309 Pandi Farouk Sappayani
S310 Panduga Nashber Bawah
S311 Paradji Radznahar Said
S312 Parantes Herma Hattam
S313 Pasi Arasa Hadjirani
S314 Pasihul Marilyn Madjid
S315 Patarasa Irene Adoh
S316 Putih Rahina Abdulla
S317 Radjah Moiena Ibrahim
S318 Radjan Nurmahal Madjuran
S319 Radjani Ajir Maridul
S320 Rajal Jamanulla Jawali
S321 Regellana Sharifa Juldia Misuari
S322 Reyes Lynett Indanan
S323 Ridjali Darwisa Sakandal
S324 Rommel Herliandra Undain
S325 Rusmi Nurjaida Ijing
S326 Sabdani Nurisa Haraji
S327 Sabdani Saturnina Musakkal
S328 Sabdani Alkhalid Sadain
S329 Sabiran Asman Asaram
S330 Sabtula Marisa  Enggal
S331 Sabtula Kudar Sahibad
S332 Sabtula Nelmalyn Sangkula Nadjiri
S333 Sabtula Sulirma Hassan
S334 Sahibbun Salma A
S335 Sahibul Julmin Sahibal
S336 Sahijuan Ruaina  Sahali
S337 Sahijuan Faiza Dahman
S338 Sahipa Fadzrimal Arola
S339 Sahipa Whelma Jadjulie
S340 Sahirani Basir Usani
S341 Sahiri Jaiton Araw
S342 Saibin Muhmina Ompo
S343 Said Medzpal Sariul
S344 Said Marjuk Sariul
S345 Sailabbi Warda Kali
S346 Saiyari Cist Aradji
S347 Sakib Jarma Palahuddin
S348 Sakilan Sorhaina Yusop
S349 Sakili Perusa Abdurahman
S350 Sakilin Sorhaina Yusop
S351 Sakiral Alyynor Mohammad
S352 Salahuddin Sherhada Hasan
S353 Salahuddin Romel Jaafar
S354 Salamaddin Shareen Sabaha
S355 Salamuddin Altamir Asao
S356 Salapuddin Nazeera Sarail
S357 Sali Mocktar Sagibu
S358 Sali Mohammad Naser Sulani
S359 Sali Almozer Burahan
S360 Salih Fatma Amil
S361 Salihan Nursia Jihani
S362 Salihun Nur-aina Jumala
S363 Salip Hashim Muktar Leniarez
S364 Sampayani Rosana Ahamar
S365 Sanaani Faujia Sanaani
S366 Sangkula Alkhizyl Unok
S367 Sangkula Alkhartemar Candelaria
S368 Sapii Feraida Panduga
S369 Sappayani Sarfina Columbres
S370 Sappayani Nerha Janmahali
S371 Sarahadil Emelyn Sahial
S372 Sarahan Marsida Sahida
S373 Sarail Junsadra Wadjad
S374 Sarail Sharifa Ainee E
S375 Sarapuddin Janelyn Pecina
S376 Sarihani Basir Usani
S377 Sarilul Altony Abdukarim
S378 Sariul Amilhamja Marajuni
S379 Sariul Ammad Indasan
S380 Saubih Faida Majaji
S381 Sawadjaan Akino Tarin
S382 Sawadjaan-Laja Sharifa Hadjirul
S383 Sayrahman Melani Bandajon
S384 Sibban Sherelyn Muksan
S385 Sindayen Annie-Jane E. (no pds)
S386 Singlian Sitti-Marfa Ignohassan
S387 Sorsoni Ruel Engano
S388 Subuhon Nadia Atabi
S389 Suhaili Suharto Muhiddin
S390 Tablan Divina Sindayen
S391 Tagayan Rabia - Adawiya Hadji Habir
S392 Tagayan Cesar Unsung
S393 Tahassam Ruben Abdurasid
S394 Tahil Patarasa  
S395 Taib Aldimar Abdurakman
S396 Taib Madzmir Salapuddin
S397 Taludjod Marda Mohammad Kasim
S398 Taludjog Nurhaira Dina
S399 Tanah Halduma Imlan
S400 Tanong Ridzna Jiharan
S401 Tapsi Marina Hijir
S402 Taung Mersa Abdukahal
S403 Tiblan Arwesa Musa
S404 Timbasal Rizaldy Salih
S405 Tingkasan Hadji Nurl Hadjirani
S406 Titing Khadiza Eri
S407 Tony Bernard Sakandal
S408 Tsajili Edrin Bakilaini
S409 Tumacder Charisma Taleon
S410 Ubaid Shariff Benjamin Asamli
S411 Uddin Almonier Dikani
S412 Ukang Nurkintam Nurulla
S413 Umban Rudzia Hailid
S414 Umda Ezzedin Palahuddin
S415 Umda Bermujib Palahuddin
S416 Undin Sarangdayaw Hadjirul
S417 Usman Renz Michael  Dahi
S418 Usman Shermie-Ann Anggan
S419 Verde Marlon Ojeda
S420 Villanueva Rodora Alcoser
S421 Villanueva Kimlian Uttoh
S422 Wahab Stacey Anne Mendano
S423 Wahid Jemhar Hetih
S424 Wahid Joel Abdul
S425 Wajia Abdurajik Barikel
S426 Yapac Michelle Bangsa
S427 Yunos Arnazra Hadani
S428 Yunus Mohammad Abdulkahil

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Other information may be inquired from:

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Contact No. 0995 217 7629
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"Moral Governance"

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Sinama - "Hap pamarinta tudju BARMM na sambu maka salamat"

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Meranaw - "Mathitu a kandatu sa BARMM ko katagompiya go kalilintad"