Thursday, December 27, 2012


As of today December 27, 2012, 11.29 in the morning:

All checks for the month of December 2012 already delivered to their respective divisions.

Those from Maguindanao who requested their checks to be personally drawn by them are with ORG Cashier. Release is going on up to today, December 27.

As for ATM payment. The foxball for the divisions in Basulta area has been given green light by the bank and teachers should be withdrawing them by now. Same is true with Marawi, Lanao Sur IA and Lanao Sur IIA.

As for Maguindanao I and II, Lanao Sur IB and IIB, a new foxbal is being prepared and forwarded to the bank because of "dormant" accounts. Please note that even a single "dormant" account could affect and is the cause of current delay this week.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bright Minds Read Program- a fun and enjoyable reading experience for Grade 1 pupils in ARMM

Principals and Grade 1 Teachers at Alnor Convention Center
Last December 17-20, 2012, Four hundred and twenty (420) School Principals and Grade 1 Teachers including Private Madaris Schools in the ARMM were given a rare treat at Alnor Convention Center, Cotabato City when the Ronald Mcdonald,s House of Charities led by Ms. Joyce Gacutan, Executive Director with Adarna House and UP Diliman College of Education Faculty members conducted the 1st Bright Minds Read Program (BMR) in ARMM where they where given a 4-day training course on fun and enjoyable reading strategies for grade 1 students.

Last December 9, 2012, Memorandum of Understanding was signed by and between the Regional Secretary, Atty. Jamar M. Kulayan and George T. Yang, Chairman of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

No less than Regional Governor Mujiv S. Hataman visited the program by inspiring the teachers and principals from Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao to be determined in giving their best to their students saying that they must be able at the minimum to render the required Monday to Friday teaching service. He likewise gave an informal State of the ARMM Address (SORA) highlighting the need to merge the divisions of Lanao del Sur I A and B, II A and B as part of the reform measures being undertaken by his government.

The RG also took time to interact and went around to the delight of participants. 

Assemblywoman Samirah Gutoc Tomawis, women and education sectoral chair also attended the same by emphasizing priority legislative measures in improving education in the region through the passage of an Enhanced Basic Education Act (EBEA).

Atty. Maisara Dandamun-Latiph, Assistant Regional Secretary for Programs, said, "this is part of our commitment to bring educational technologies with proven track records into ARMM schools. Investments in pedagogy drives our point that the teacher factor is the most crucial in insuring our children are having fun learning in school."


The Regional Office of DepEd wishes to express its apology for the slight delay in the release of December salary and 5,000 bonus. The RPSU was instructed to start printing the cheques in the first week of December to make sure you will all receive your benefits prior to the holidays unfortunately the printers bogged down and also the foxbal OS of the Landbank for those who are receiving their salary by ATM. 

To make sure this will not be repeated, the Regional Office requested DBM to used its savings/MOOE to buy new printer to replace the old and unreliable one.

Again we are sorry for the inconveniences brought about by this incident. For the year 2013 and onward we promise to give you your salary not later than 21st day of every month..

Atty. Jamar M. Kulayan
Regional Secretary

SEAMEO-Australia Education Links Award 2013

For eleven years, SEAMEO and the Government of Australia jointly organized the SEAMEO-Australia Press Award which gave recognition to excellent coverage of education issues by journalists and educators in Southeast Asia. The project has paved the way for greater discussion on many facets of education including challenges in providing quality education for all; as well as the promotion of cooperation in education between Southeast Asia and Australia.

In keeping with the aim of promoting beneficial education cooperation between the peoples of Southeast Asia and Australia, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and the Government of Australia launch the First SEAMEO-Australia Education Links Award (2013).

The SEAMEO-Australia Education Links Award gives recognition and financial assistance to projects or proposals that demonstrate education cooperation between Australia and Southeast Asia to bring about a better quality of life through positive relations, education advancement, cultural harmony, innovation, and research.

The objectives of the SEAMEO-Australia Education Links Award are:
  • Showcase education, training and research cooperation activities and the value these have in fostering stronger people-to-people and institutional links;
  • Provide the opportunity for sharing and learning of new ideas on education cooperation; and
  • Promote the development of effective education partnerships between countries, organizations, and communities.
The Award
The SEAMEO-Australia Education Links Award seeks to acknowledge and reward innovative projects or proposals that demonstrate one or more of the following:
  • effective and inspiring efforts of individuals, groups of people, education institutions or organisations to improve education cooperation and linkages across the SEAMEO region and between SEAMEO member countries and Australia;
  • recognition of diversity of individuals and sectors in promoting cross-border partnerships on education and thereby inter-cultural understanding;
  • support to integration/regionalization of education while promoting the importance of and respect for local wisdom;
The innovation will be in the field of education cooperation between Australia and Southeast Asia.

An entry for the contest must be either:
  • An existing project on education cooperation between Australia and Southeast Asia or a country in Southeast Asia; or
  • A proposal on education cooperation between Australia and Southeast Asia or a country in Southeast Asia, or within Southeast Asia, that could later be implemented in the Southeast Asian context, possibly in cooperation with SEAMEO
A winning project or proposal is:
Innovative and demonstrates development and/or implementation of an idea, a tool, a model or initiative that helps improve education cooperation between Australia and Southeast Asia or within Southeast Asia.
Effective and highlights the positive results of education cooperation between Australia and Southeast Asia such as:
  • transfer of new ideas between countries;
  • expansion of educational opportunities;
  • improvement of education quality;
  • formation of long-term people-to-people links;
  • promotion of mutual understanding;
Dynamic and involves various individuals and sectors in the promotion of cooperation in education between Australia and Southeast Asia

Examples of eligible entries
Entries could present examples of education-related initiatives (either ongoing or proposed) which are implemented or to be implemented in Southeast Asia and with participation of a country or countries in Southeast Asia and Australia. Entries could be (but not limited to) the following:
  • capacity development for teachers
  • support for development of curriculum and educational materials
  • research consortium
  • advocacy and networking
  • media collaboration
  • community-based development work 
Initiatives and proposals should demonstrate the links created or to be created between a country or countries in Southeast Asia and Australia. Examples of these are cooperation in providing technical expertise, adopting/adapting noteworthy practices, technology transfer, and others.
Proposals however should not be activities that might be more effectively supported through the Australian Government’s Australia Awards scholarships program such as scholarships and research in Australia. For proposals of this nature, please see

Who Can Apply?
The Award is open to any national (natural person or body corporate) of a SEAMEO Member Country. The SEAMEO Member Countries are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam.

The applicant, where a natural person, must be at least 18 years old.

Members of the SEAMEO Secretariat, the SEAMEO Regional Centres and their employees and families are not qualified to apply for this Award.

By submitting an entry, the applicant gives SEAMEO and the Australian Government permission to use the information submitted including photos for publication purposes.

How Should I Apply?
Applicants must complete the application form. The form can be downloaded here.
Applications can be made in hard copy or email.

Hard copy applications: Download and complete the Application Form and send by post with the required supporting documents to:

The SEAMEO-Australia Education Links Award 2013
SEAMEO Secretariat
Mom Luang Pin Malakul Centenary Building
920 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110, THAILAND

Email applications: Download and complete the Application Form and email to
[email protected]. Attach in the email all required supporting documents.

Last day for submission of entries is on 15 September 2013.

Assessment Criteria and Selection Process
The Evaluation Committee consists of experts from Southeast Asia and representatives from UNESCO, the SEAMEO Secretariat, SEAMEO Centres, and the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.
The evaluation will be based on the merit of the proposal as indicated by:
  • Innovation, practicability and originality of the proposal
  • Scope for replication, expansion or duplication of the proposal
  • Value for money and sustainability
  • Benefit and relevance to the Southeast Asia region through the transfer of new ideas, broadened educational opportunities, improvements to education quality, formation of long-term people-to-people links and improvements to mutual understanding to the benefit of all parties.
Details of the AwardThe winner will receive a grant worth AUD$10,000, which is expected to support activities in relation to the winning innovative idea or project.

The proposed use of the grant must be set out by the applicant in the application. Activities may include participation in conferences; delivery of training courses; academic exchange programs; cooperation between education institutions; internship program; expansion of an existing project; purchase of project-related materials and equipment; and other related activities. The winner will be expected to provide a report to SEAMEO, including information on how the grant money was used.

The winner will be awarded a Plaque of Recognition at the 36th SEAMEO High Officials’ Meeting in November 2013 in Thailand.

The winner will receive a round-trip economy air ticket from his/her home country to Thailand, including pre-determined accommodation and stipend to receive a plaque of recognition.

For a winning entry developed by a group or organization, only one representative will be invited to the Awarding Ceremony to receive a plaque of recognition.

The winner will be notified by the SEAMEO Secretariat and such notification will include information for the winner on the award ceremony and his/her attendance at the ceremony.

Each Contestant agrees that the Contest Rules and Regulations that govern this contest can be modified or amended without prior notice, by the Contest Organizers.

Submission of entries: 15 December - 15 September 2013
Evaluation of entries: 16 - 30 September 2013
Announcement of results: 1 October 2013
Awarding: Last week of November 2013

Download: the SEAMEO-Australia Education Links Award 2013 Call for Entries
Download: the SEAMEO-Australia Education Links Award TOR

For more information, please contact the SEAMEO Secretariat
Mom Luang Pin Malakul Centenary Building
920 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110, THAILAND
Tel +66(0) 2391-0144, Fax +66(0) 2381-2587
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Partners develop Iranun language primer

By Edna Pasandalan, Regional Focal Person for Iranun Language and Alih Anso, Iranun Language Resource Person

The Dep. Ed ARMM in partnership with Summer Institute for Linguistics –Philippines has responded to the need of formulating an Iranun writing system (orthography) for use in the implementation of Mother Tongue –Based Multilingual Education (MTBMLE). Along with the orthography which was developed through a participatory orthography workshop held at Division of Cotabato City on October 2 to 9, 2012 is a spelling guide to help elementary grades teachers in production of instructional materials such as Big Books, small books, and primers required in teaching grade one pupil to read and write the Iranun language.

Iranun elders drafting stories for use in the public schools. (Photo c/o Edna Pasandalan)
As a follow through, a write-shop on constructing a Primer for Basa Iranun was conducted on December 17-21, 2012 at D’Counter Executive Dormitory, Davao City. The said activity was participated by diligent Iranun elders and educators from the known geographical Iranun produced the first ever "Guide to Teaching the Sounds of the Iranun Language" (“Su manga Batang sa Batang sa Basa Iranun”).

Edna Pasandalan, Regional Focal Person for Iranun Language, explaining the mechanics
of a group activity. (Photo c/o Edna Pasandalan)
The primer has one lesson for each letter and includes word-building and sentence building exercises.

The writer of this guide were diligent educators and elders and of course with technical supervision of Xenia and Bruce Skorapinski with Cito Casquite, all from Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) Philippines.

Participant-writers include 1. Alih S. Anso- DXUP Teleradyo Program Director- Upi, Maguindanao; Hadja Amina G. Ambil-Master Teacher 1-Parang Elementary School, Parang North District, Parang, Maguindanao; Edna S. Purong- DepEd ARMM Focal person for Iranun; Hadji Edres Gumander Rasul-Elder from Barira, Maguindanao; Dr. Ginda s. Jasani, Education Program Supervisor, Maguindanao II Division, Sultan Mastura, Maguindanao; Rebecca L. Silo, Teacher II, Tambu Elementary School, Sultan Mastura, Maguindanao; Hadja Sadia R. Sali, Master Teacher I, Balut Elementary School, Sultan Mastura, Maguindanao and Miss Saira M. Roberto, I, Don Pablo Hofer Elementary School, Kapatagan district, Lanao Sur II.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

No to bullying!

PIA: DepEd-ARMM needs institutionalized health, nutrition unit

By Moner C. Dayaan

COTABATO CITY, Nov 9 (PIA) -- In order to sustainably improve the health and school performance of elementary schoolchildren in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, the Department of Education needs an institutionalized health and nutrition unit.

This is the recommendation of Assemblywoman Samira Gutoc of the Regional Legislative Assembly (RLA) representing women sector.

Gutoc who is also chairperson, Committee on Education, Arts, Culture and Sports Development of the Regional Legislative Assembly (RLA), ARMM recently submitted a position paper regarding the institutionalization of a health and nutrition unit at the DepEd-ARMM to the RLA. She said, “ there is no legislative or budgetary provision for health and nutrition unit personnel within DepEd-ARMM.”

A provisory HNU, composed of health personnel detailed from DepEd-ARMM Divisions was establish within DepEd-ARMM, Cotabato City, in order to steer health and nutrition aspects in spite of the institutional problem.

However, Gutoc said under these circumstances the administrative budgetary and operational management of the current detailed HNU is challenging all stakeholders.

To establish a clear and reliable HNU-management structure, predictable budgets and clean mandates and reporting lines for HNU-staff within DepEd-ARMM are necessary.

Delivering school health within ARMM sustainably and effectively requires the HNU to be fully and permanently embedded within DepEd-ARMM.

Upon request from DepEd-ARMM, AusAid, a Deutsche Gesselschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbei (German Organizatiion for International Cooperation) plan to provide assistance to reform the current HNU structure as part of a co-funded school health program in ARMM.

The counterpart contributions from DepEd include the institutionalization of the health and nutrition unit within a regional stature in order to safeguard its existence at the DepEd.

In addition, DepEd requests the Department of Budget Management (DBM) the creation of plantilla positions required for a functional health and nutrition unit.

AusAid and GIZ support this request strongly because there is urgent need to create for ARMM an institution as its exist in all regions of the country, responsible and accountable for school children’s health and nutrition.

The objective of the reforming effort is the creation of an HNU in ARMM with legal and budgetary legitimacy, accountable administrative structures and an impact-oriented program approach.

The composition of the HNU in DepEd-ARMM is to mirror the HNU composition as prescribed by DepEd for all regions of the country and as existing with minor difference in all regions including Regions IX to XIII of Mindanao, except in ARMM.

All regions in the country have a health and nutrition unit under the DepEd regional directors. Even in the poorer Mindanao, all regions dispose of an HNU, widely staffed as prescribed by the Department of Education as (1 medical officer, I dentist and 2 nutritionists –dietitians).

However, these positions are not allocated and budgeted for ARMM. The current unit is staffed by 3 Division nurses only detailed by ARMM divisions to the Regional Office. This set-up is volatile and undermines reporting and monitoring at regional level.

This is a core aspect to be addressed in a reform. Under the current structure, the Health and Nutrition Unit (HNU) is insufficiently staffed to manage and operate the tasks an HNU is to perform according to DepEd guidelines.

Considering the relatively poorer health of school children in ARMM compared to the Philippine average a structured and results-oriented approach of DepEd-ARMM to improve the health of children and to decrease their health and hygiene related drop-out rate is urgently needed.

A core condition for there circumstances to sustainably improve is a reliable and permanent HNU-structure that can be held accountable for its operations by the Regional Government and distribution of resources so health services delivery through DepEd-ARMM’s health work force is practically manageable, efficient and delivered equitably.

GIZ and AusAid offer technical capacity building and assistance to assist the ARMM government in this reform. At the same time the Legislative and budgetary foundations for the reform need to occur. (MCD-PIA Cotabato City/SG-RLA)

PIA: Hataman cites educational gains in ARMM

By Apipa P. Bagumbaran, Friday 21st of December 2012

MARAWI CITY, Lanao del Sur, Dec. 21 (PIA) -- Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Governor Mujiv Hataman bared the concrete gains his administration has achieved to improve the quality of education in the region.

In his first State of the Region’s Address on Tuesday, Hataman cited the educational reforms his administration has instituted that resulted to the eradication of ghost students and teachers and huge savings for the regional government.

He said the ARMM Government boldly addressed the problems of teachers regarding the payment of loans and benefits from the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) by talking to and forging an agreement with the GSIS management.

The Department of Education (DepEd)-ARMM, he said, has settled the P5-million debts of the Marawi City Division and the P14-million debts of Basilan Division.

Hataman said they are now in the process of paying the some P1.9-billion debts of the department to the GSIS.

The Governor also announced that the DepEd-ARMM, in the implementation of financial reforms, has saved P224,227,269.90 which will be used in paying the salary differentials and backpays of teachers.

DepEd-ARMM has also generated P135 million that may be utilized for the repair of classrooms and purchase of school chairs, he added.

Citing statistics from the Enhanced Basic Education Information System, Hataman said the region lacked 5,057 classrooms, 3,479 teachers, and almost half billion of school chairs in 2011.

He, however, announced that DepEd-ARMM has launched programs and projects dubbed “37 Firsts of DepEd-ARMM” to raise the quality of education in the region.

Included in these are various support and training assistance from different organizations such as PLDT-SMART Foundation, SEAMEO-INNOTECH, Synergia, AMORE, AAI, UNICEF, GIZed-Fit For School, USAID and Ronald McDonald, as well as the construction of learning centers in remote areas by BRAC.

Hataman said the Australian government is also actively supporting the region and has provided P3.97 billion through the Basic Education Assistance for Muslim Mindanao Program which includes early childhood and basic education, school health, techvoc training for out-of-school youth.

The Governor also made mentioned that a total of 6,540 scholars are currently benefiting from the programs of the Technical Educational and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) while 607 are being served by the scholarship program of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). (APB/R10)

Philstar:Hataman boasts of successes in first regional address

By John Unson 

COTABATO CITY, Philippines - Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Gov. Mujiv Hataman on Tuesday expressed gratitude through his state of the region address (SORA) to foreign donors and to MalacaƱang for supporting efforts to “liberate” ARMM’s impoverished communities from poverty and underdevelopment.

Hataman’s more than one-hour SORA also delved on his administration’s accomplishments in fixing major fiscal and administrative woes in many ARMM agencies, among them the controversial regional education department.

He said credit would have to go to all sectors helping him put forward vital reforms in the graft-ridden regional bureaucracy.

The governor’s SORA at the 800-seater Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex inside the 32-hectare ARMM compound here was attended by Governors Jum Akbar of Basilan, Mamintal Adiong, Jr. of Lanao del Sur, Sadikul Sahali of Tawi-Tawi and Esmael Mangudadatu of Maguindanao.

Lamitan City, seat of the Basilan provincial government, was represented in the event by Mayor Roderick Furigay and more than 30 of his 45 constituent-barangay chairmen.
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“It’s nice to hear Gov. Hataman renew his commitment to the ongoing peace talks between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in his SORA, “Furigay said.

Hataman said he will continue to introduce reforms needed to professionalize the ARMM bureaucracy to eradicate corruption from its ranks.

Hataman was appointed by President Benigno Aquino III as caretaker of ARMM in December 2011. Among his first official acts as officer-in-charge of the autonomous region was to purge the regional education department with thousands of ghost teachers and non-existent schools that were “convenient conduits” for releases of salaries and funds for maintenance and operating expenses.

The provincial governors present in the SORA said they were elated with Hataman’s invitation for them to grace the event, which was also witnessed by officials of the Army’s 6th Infantry Division led by Major Gen. Caesar Ronnie Ordoyo.

“We in Maguindanao appreciate the socio-economic and infrastructure projects the province got from the Hataman administration in recent months. We are grateful to President Aquino for his reform agenda for the autonomous region,” Mangudadatu told reporters.

Mangudadatu, provincial chairman of the Liberal Party for Maguindanao, said they will ask Hataman to deliver a keynote message in their planned grand public dialogue on the Framework Agreement on Bangsamoro (FAB) in Buluan town in the second district of the province on Jan. 12, 2013.

Hataman said it was for the widespread graft and corruption in the ranks of the regional government that prompted President Aquino to institute reforms to address the fiscal and administrative problems that hounded the ARMM’s line agencies and support offices.

Hataman said it was also because of the ARMM’s having been “synonymous” with corruption and disunity of the region’s political leaders that prompted Aquino to initiate bold steps aimed at converting the regional government into a functional bureaucracy.

He said he would continue to focus attention on the needs of the ARMM’s education department, such as more school chairs, classrooms and chalkboards.

Hataman, citing statistics from the Enhanced Basic Education Information System, said the region, in 2011, lacked 5,057 classrooms and 3,479 teachers, and thousands of school chairs.

He said the constraints are now being vigorously addressed with the support of MalacaƱang.

Hataman said there have also been dramatic improvements in the delivery of health services to the four corners of the autonomous region.

He said there were at least 245 infant deaths for every 100,000 recorded births in the region in previous years.

He said the recent figures supplied by the ARMM’s health department showed only 66 infant deaths from out of 100,000 births in the region.

“Surely we will be seeing more dramatic improvements now that we have a Regional Reproductive Health Law, which aims to protect the region’s women sector and improve the delivery of maternal and child care services to far-flung communities,” Hataman said.

Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Gov. Mujiv Hataman relates to Major Gen. Caesar Ronnie Ordoyo of the Army's 6th Infantry Division the ARMM's peace and development goals for Maguindanao, which is under the 6th ID's jurisdiction, after delivering his first ever state of the region address in Cotabato City last Tuesday. (John Unson)

Hataman signed the regional RH law, also known as Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act 292, in the presence of members of the 27-seat Regional Assembly, in a symbolic rite at the Office of the Regional Governor here last Monday.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

RG Hataman delivers his 1st SORA

December 18, 2012

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

The Honorable Speaker Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr. and other Honorable Members of the 7th Regional Assembly

The Regional Vice-Governor Hadja Bainon G. Karon

The Members of the Regional Cabinet and all ARMM officials

The Honorable National Government Officials

The Honorable Peace Adviser Teresita Deles represented by Undersecretary Joe Lorena

Congressman JV Ejercito

Their Excellencies and Members of the Diplomatic Corps

Maguindanao Governor Honorable Esmael “Toto” G. Mangudadatu

Lanao Del Sur Governor Honorable Mamintal A. Adiong, Jr.

Tawi-Tawi Governor Honorable Sadikul A. Sahali, Al-Haj

Basilan Governor Honorable Jum M. Akbar, Al-Haj

Marawi City Mayor Honorable Fahad “Pre” Salik

Lamitan City Mayor Honorable Roderick Furigay

Cotabato City Mayor Honorable Japal J. Guiani, Jr.

My Beloved Wife, Sitti Djalia T. Hataman

Major General Caesar Ronnie F. Ordoyo of the 6th ID, Philippine Army

PC Supt Mario A. Avenido of the PNP- ARMM

Major General Dato Abdulrahim Bin Mohd Yusuff, Head of Mission of the International Monitoring Team (IMT) and its Members

Presidents and Members of the League of Municipal Mayors

Our Municipal Mayors and Vice-Mayors

Barangay Chairmen and Sangguniang Kabataan

ARMM Staff and Employees

Representatives from the Civil Society Organizations, Academe, Non-Government Organizations, Religious & Business Sectors, our friends from the Media

Ladies and Gentlemen

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakhatu

Mga kababayan, sa unang pagkakataon ako ay humaharap at mag-uulat sa inyo sa tunay na estado ng ating rehiyon.

Hindi lingid sa ating kaalaman, dugo, buhay ng ating mga ninuno ang puhunan kung bakit nabuo ang ARMM. At hindi rin po lingid sa ating kaalaman nang dahil sa kanilang mga sakrpisyo kung bakit nandito tayo ngayon.

At ngayon, di ba dapat handa rin tayo magsakripisyo upang tuparin ang kanilang mga sinimulan at mga pangarap.

Kayo, ako at ang ating mga ninuno ay pare pareho ang mga pangarap, ito ay ang pagkakaroon ng isang mapayapa at malayang pamayanan at tunay na kapaki-pakinabang na pamahalaan para sa ating mga kababayan: isang pamahalaan na bukas sa ating mamamayan, isang pamahalaan na may pananagutan sa ating mga kababayan, at isang pamahalaan na tunay na alipin ng mamamayan at hindi yaong naghari-harian

Ito ang ilan sa mga dahilan kung bakit magkakasama tayo ngayong hapon.

Mga ilang taon na ang nagdaan, kakambal ng ARMM ang salitang kurapsyon at pandaraya. Kung saan ang pera ng taong bayan ay napupunta lamang sa wala.

Mga ilang taong ding nagdaan, kakambal ng ARMM ang kaguluhan at kahirapan. Libu-libong pamilya ang gumagapang na sa lusak gumagapang na nga sa kumunoy ng kahirapan ay napipilitan pang lumikas sa kanilang mga tahanan at mga sakahan bunga ng digmaan at hidwaan.

Ito ang dahilan kung bakit ang pamahalaan ni Pangulong Aquino ay pursigidong magkaroon ng malawakang reporma at pagbabago sa sistema ng pamamahala sa ating rehiyon.

Ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit pursigido si Pangulong Aquino at kanyang mga kaalyado sa kongreso na maisabatas ang RA 10153 o ARMM synchronization law.

Layunin ng batas na ito ay hindi lamang pagsabayin ang pambansa at lokal na halalan kundi nagtatakda ito ng transitional na pamahalaan sa rehiyon upang magpatupad ng mga kaukulang reporma at pagbabago.

Dito ho natin hinugot ang ating mandato ng pamamahala sa ARMM. Malinaw ang ating atas, ang linisin ang buong burukrasya ng ARMM at magpatupad ng reporma upang makamit ang malawakang pagbabago sa ating rehiyon.

Apat na araw na lang mula ngayon ay opisyal na tayong mag iisang taon sa panunungkulan. Napakabilis po ng panahon. Ngunit kahit sa napakaigsing pagkakataon pwede na po nating ipagmalaki ang ating mga nagawang reporma at pagbabago.

Unti unti na nating naibabangon ang ARMM at pwede na rin tayong mangarap muli mga kababayan. At isinusumpa namin sa inyo, at itaga ninyo sa bato, na gagawin natin ang lahat upang unti-unti nating makamit ang ating mga pangarap – mga pangarap na sinimulan ng ating mga kanunu-nunoan.

On Education
Isa sa mga pangarap ng bawat magulang ay ang pagkakaroon ng magandang edukasyon para sa kanilang mga anak. Subalit nakakalungkot isipin na nahuhuli po tayo sa lahat ng aspeto sa larangang ito.

Ayon sa talaan ng EBEIS (Enhanced Basic Education Information System) ng DepEd-ARMM sa 2011, Kulang tayo ng LIMANG LIBO LIMAMPU’T PITO (5,057) silid-aralan, TATLONG LIBO APAT NA RAAN AT PITUMPOT SIYAM (3,479), na mga guro; at ang kakulangan natin ng upuan ng mga mag-aaral ay umabot ng kulang-kulang ng KALAHATING BILYON!

Maliban dito nariyan pa rin kahit blackboard, chalks at eraser ay kailangan pa ng ating mga teacher humingi at magsolicit sa mga magulang na naghihirap sa ating rehiyon, kahit na dadaan kayo mula Cotabato papuntang Zamboanga o Lanao makikita nyo ang mga flagpole na wala nang mga watawat na simbolo sana ng ating pagiging nasyonalismo at pagiging ARMM.

Ang lahat ng mga kakulangang ito ay unti-unti nating sinasagot sa pangunguna ng bagong pamunuan ng DepEd.

Inaasahan natin na sa pagdating ng 2013, ay makakapagpatayo tayo ng 2,950 na school building at malamang ay mahihigitan pa natin ito dahil sa 2,500 school-building projects ng BEAM-ARMM na kabahagi ng P3.9 bilyon na tulong mula sa Aus-AID at Australian government. Kung kaya’t maraming salamat sa Australian government, maraming salamat sa Aus-AID.

Ang kakulangan natin sa mga guro ay mapupunuan na rin po natin pagdating ng 2013. Nangako po si Pangulong Aquino at ng DBM at maibibigay sa atin ng mahigit 2000 item ng kakulangan pagdating sa 2013.

Sa kabuuan, ang mga kakulangang nabanggit ay tuluyan na mapupunuan sa patuloy na pag-lilinis ng DepEd-ARMM sa talaan ng estudyante. Ang ating paglilinis ay nagbigay daan sa pagdiskubre ng 75,229 ghost students nuong taong 2012.

Pinunuan natin ang kakulangan sa watawat at nagsimula na tayong magbigay ng mga blackboards. Nitong taon, limang libong blackboards ang ating ipinamimigay at patuloy tayo mamimigay hanggang ang lahat ng silid aralan ay magkakaroon ng mga blackboards.

Kasabay ng pagbibigay natin ng atensyon sa mga kakulangang pang-edukasyon, ay ang pagpapahalaga natin sa kapakanan ng ating mga guro. Kung kaya prayoridad natin ang maaga at tamang pasahod. Sinundan natin ito ng pagsasaayos ng kanilang Step Increments.

Marahil, hindi naman lingid sa ating kaalaman na napakarami sa ating mga guro ay sadlak sa utang. At ang inaasahan nating benepisyo mula sa GSIS ay walang kasiguraduhan. Ang napakatagal na suliranin ng ating mga guro patungkol sa kabayaran ng mga loans at benepisyo sa GSIS ay buong tapang nating hinarap, sa pamamagitan ng pakikipag-usap at paglagda ng kasunduan sa GSIS. Inuna nating binayaran ang utang ng DepED-Marawi sa halagang (P5 million) ng di pa ito kasama sa ARMM.

At ganun din po ang aking probinsiya, ang probinsya ng Basilan, bago po ito sumapi sa ARMM, nagkaroon ng utang na (P14 million) at binayaran na rin po ito ng DepEd-ARMM, kung kaya’t kung tatanungin natin ang guro ng Marawi at Basilan, nakakautang na po sila sa GSIS ngayon ng hindi bababa sa 200,000 pesos.

Eto po ang magandang balita, at sa susunod na taon, ay tuluyan na nating mababayaran ang kabuuang utang ng DepED-ARMM na humigit-kumulang po ng P1.9 billion alinsunod sa pangako at kagustuhan ng Pangulong Aquino na matuldukan na ang utang na ito. Pero eto po ang sambit ng ating pangulo, kung sino ang nagwaldas ng pera ng GSIS ay dapat lamang po na pananagutin natin. Hindi po pwede walang magbabayad dito sa utang na ito at hindi rin daw puwede, sabi ng ating pangulo na walang managot at makulong sa 1.9 billion na ito.

Sa pagpasok ng taon ay pwede nang mag loan ang ating mga guro mula sa Land Bank, bunga ng Memorandum of Agreement na pinirmahan natin nung 2 buwan na nakakaraan, alam nyo merong mga guro, ang utang lang 9 years ago ay 100,000 sigurado ako andito ang teacher na yun, kung andito ka man, pwede po kayong tumayo.

Noong nakaraang buwan umabot ng 800,000 ang kanyang utang. Araw-araw, buwan-buwan ay kinakaltasan, kaya pakiusap po natin sa mga nagpapautang tigil-tigilan na natin dahil hindi namin kayo tatan-tanan at hindi kami makakapayag na gawin nating negosyo ang edukasyon sa ating rehiyon.

Dahil sa pagsusumikap ng DepEd sa pagpapatupad ng repormang pinansyal, nakalikom ito ng 224,227,269.90 pesos. Kaya inatasan na natin si Sec. Jamar Kulayan na magsimula ng pagbayad ng BACKPAYS at SALARY DIFFERENTIALS ng 2011 at 2012.

May nalikom din ang DepED-ARMM na P135 million na pwede nating gamitin sa pagsasaayos ng mga silid aralan at pambili ng mga upuan. Upang itaguyod at paigtingin ang kampanya sa pagtataas ng antas ng kalidad ng edukasyon sa ARMM, ang pamunuan ng DepEd ay naglunsad ng mga programa at mga proyekto na ngayon lang naipatupad. Tinagurian nila itong “37 Firsts of DepED-ARMM”. Napapaloob na dito ang iba’t-ibang suporta at tulong sa pamamagitan ng training at capacity building mula sa iba’t-ibang organisyon tulad ng PLDT-SMART Foundation, SEAMEO-INNOTECH, Synergia, AMORE, AAI, UNICEF, GIZed-Fit For School, USAID pati na rin si Ronald McDonald na kasalukuyang nagbibigay ng libreng training sa Alnor (Cotabato City).

At di rin natin nakalimutan ang tulong ng butihing pamahalaan ng Australia na nagbigay ng P3.97 Billion tulong pinansyal sa pagpapatupad ng BEAM-ARMM Program kung saan napapaloob ang Early Childhood and Basic Education, School Health, Tech Voc training para sa mga Out Of School Youth, at ang pagpapagawa ng Learning Centers sa mga liblib na sitio at barangay na walang paaralan na siyang ipapatupad ng kilalang NGO mula sa Bangladesh - (BRAC).

Hindi po kumpleto ang ating programa sa Edukasyon kung walang direktang benepisyo sa ating mga mag-aaral. Sa ngayon, tayo ay may 6, 540 iskolars sa ilalim ng TESDA at 607 scholars sa ilalim ng Commission on Higher Education.

Muli, tayo ay nagpapasalamat sa mga institusyong patuloy na tumutulong sa atin, dahil ito ay simbolo ng kanilang tiwala sa atin.

On Health
Tumungo tayo sa usaping kalusugan. Dati- rati lagi nating naririnig hindi lamang sanggol ang namamatay, kundi pati nanay sa panganganak, at minsan ay sanggol at nanay sabay- sabay.

Mayroon tayong mga kababayan na di man lang nakakita ng doktor mula pagkabata. Mayroon din tayong mga kababayan na kelangan pang maglakad o magbangka ng ilang oras bago makarating sa isang pagamutan o health center.

Dati, sa 100,000 livebirths, 245 na ina ang namamatay, ngayon bumaba ito ng 66. Bumaba din ang bilang ng mga sanggol na namamatay sa kada 1,000 livebirths mula 55 sa 18 na lamang. Hudyat po ito na nakamit na natin ang target sa ilalim ng Millenium Development Goal. Salamat sa DOH.

At sigurado tayong lalo pa itong bababa, sa pagpasa ng Reproductive Health Care Law, salamat sa RLA. Dahil dito, ay mas marami pa tayong buhay na maisasalba.

Nagdagdag na rin po tayo ng 199 na health facilities sa buong rehiyon kasama ang 18 ambulansya na gagamitin ng ating mga hospitals.

At bukod dito nadagdagan na rin po ng 80,000 na pamilya ang nabiyayaan ng PhilHealth.

On Livelihood
Dumako naman tayo sa usaping pangkabuhayan.

Maliban sa edukasyon at kalusugan, ang kawalan ng trabaho ay isa rin sa resulta ng matinding kahirapan.

Ang Bureau Of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources ay nag lunsad ng Fish for Peace program na may apat na components: Kapayapaan, Bantay Dagat, Binhi ng Kapayapaan

Kabuhayan Pangkapayapaan
Sa ilalim ng programang ito, tayo ay nakapamigay ng 61 units ng Payao na pinakinabangan ng 1, 525 na mangingisda. Dahil sa Bantay Dagat, 70 porsyento ng ating coastlines ay nasa ilalim na ng protection coverage ng BFAR. Naka organisa tayo ng mga Bantay Dagat at sila ay binigyan natin ng kaukulang kagamitan tulad ng motor-engined boats, marine engines, MCS Patrol boats, at 28-footer patrol boats.
Dahil dito, ang ating Bantay Dagat ay nakahuli ng isang foreign-registered fishing vessel noong Abril 22, at nailigtas natin ang 5 bundles ng black coral, 52 hawksbill turtles at 600 kilograms ng hammerhead fish na declared endangered species.

Sa Binhi ng Kapayapaan, nakapamigay ang BFAR ng 5.522 million species ng Tilapia fingerlings at 679,000 pieces ng carp fingerlings sa 2,698 na beneficiaries. At sa Kabuhayan Pangkapayapaan, nakamigay ang BFAR ng gillnets, hook and lines, fishpots, motorized at non-motorized bancas at fish corals, sa 10, 101 na mangingisda at 105 na asosasyon.

Maraming salamat sa BFAR.

Kasabay ng mga initiatiba tungo sa pag aangat ng ekonomiyang katayuan ng ating mga kababayan, patuloy rin tayong namamayagpag sa paghahatid ng mga programa ng pamahalaan upang maibsan ang kahirapan, salamat sa ating Department of Social Welfare and Development, sa pamumuno ng ating mahal na Regional Vice Governor Bainon Karon.

Mayroon na tayong P625,000,000.00 Micro Livelihood Enterprise para sa capacity building ng mga kababaihan mula sa Transition Investment Support Plan o Stimulus Fund sa DSWD.

Nakapagbigay na rin po tayo ng P214,750,000.00 capital seed fund para sa 2,500 asosasyon ng Self-Employment Assistance-Kaunlaran o SEA-K sa buong rehiyon.

Umabot na rin sa 8,836 senior citizens ang beneficiaries ng Indigent Senior Citizens Social Pension Program ng DSWD-ARMM.

Nakapamahagi na rin tayo 1,538 ng Free Birth Certificates sa tulong ng UNHCR.

Nakapagrelease na rin po tayo ng halagang P691,865,000.00 para sa 18,900 mga benepisaryo ng programang Cash for Work maliban pa sa P215,300,000.00 para sa 21,530 benepisaryo ng Sustainable Livelihood Program.

Umabot na po sa 317, 733 pamilya ang nakakabenepisyo ng 4Ps sa buong rehiyon.

Nakapagpatayo na rin tayo ng 209 Modified Shelter Assistance at 140 units pa ang on-going para sa mga IDP’s sa Maguindanao, Sulu at Basilan.

Kung dati-rati karamihan sa ating mga magsasaka ay nagpapakahirap na mag bungkal ng lupa na hindi nila pag aari, ngayon mayroon nang 286 mga magsasaka sa rehiyon ang malayang makapagsaka sa kanilang sariling lupain matapos mabigyan ng Certificate of Land Ownership Awards o CLOAs ng DAR-ARMM. Ito po ay totoong lupa, at totoong magsasaka, wala pong ghost dito.

On Infrastructure
Dati rati ay umaabot ng lampas dalawang oras ang tinatagal upang makarating ang mga tao mula sa munisipyo ng Panglima Sugala papuntang Bongao, subalit ngayon po ay hindi na umaabot ng isang oras ang paglalakbay nila, salamat sa naipatayong tulay na nagdugtong sa dalawang isla na nagkakahalaga ng P337 milyon.

Hindi lamang po natin kinonekta ang mga isla ng Tawi Tawi at nilagyan ng tulay sa ibabaw ng dagat. Dahil sa ito ay napapaligiran ng dagat, maging ang tubig nito ay maalat, kaya sa 320M na pondong kailangan para sa sistemang patubig ng Tawi Tawi, ang Regional Government, sa pamamagitan ng RLA ay naglaan ng 70M para dito. Ngunit, ang initiatibang ito ay nagbigay daan sa isang magandang balita, inako na ni Pangulong Aquino ang buong 320M para sa patubig ng Tawi Tawi kung kaya’t ang 70M ay mapupunta na sa pagsesemento ng kalsada ng Panglima Sugala-Bongao Road.

Noong Hunyo nitong taon, ay ipinagmalaki natin ang P59.2 milyon savings sa DPWH na nagamit natin sa pagbili ng mga bagong heavy equipment na ipamamahagi sa ibang-ibat distrito sa rehiyon.

Ang savings na ito ay tinuring nating parang milagro, dahil hindi pa nangyari sa kasaysayan ng ARMM ang ganito. Ngunit makalipas ang anim na buwan, ay muli nating napatunayan na hindi ito imposible, bagkus ay natural na resulta ng malinis at maayos na pamamahala. Muli, dahil sa open competitive bidding at prudent fiscal management, na kanilang ipinatupad, ang DPWH ay nakalikom muli ng savings na P46.775 Million na ating gagamitin sa pagbili ng karagdagang heavy equipment para sa ating mga distrito.

Taon-taon, tayo po ay binibigyan sa ilalim ng General Appropriations Act ng P1 bilyon para sa infrastructure projects. Dati-rati ito ay kadalasang ginagamit para lamang sa re-gravelling of farm to market roads. Ngunit sa ating administrasyon, ito po ay ating ipinagbawal, bilang tugon na rin sa polisiya ng ating Pangulong Noynoy Aquino na pagbabawal sa ganitong proyekto.

Maraming salamat sa ating Regional Legislative Assembly, na isinantabi ang kanilang interest at ipinasa nila ang reformed Public Works Act, kung saan ang 1 bilyon pondong ito ay gagamitin sa mga priority infrastructure projects na tunay na tumutugon sa pangangailangan ng ating mga kababayan tulad ng national roads and bridges; strategic infrastructure in support to tourism, agriculture, peace and security, public health and sanitation; other infrastructure for conflict and calamity affected arreas.

At isa pang magandang balita, dahil sa ating pagsusumikap, at muli, dahil sa panunumbalik ng tiwala ng Pambansang Pamahalaan sa ARMM, tayo ay nabigyan ng karagdagang 510 Million pesos o 50% kaya’t para sa taong 2013, tayo ay may P1.5 Billion sa pondong pang imprastraktura.

On Peace and Security
Pumunta naman po tayo sa usaping seguridad at pangkapayapaan.

Isang larawan ng magulo at puno ng karahasan ang umuukit sa pangalang Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. Ayaw po nating manatili at magpatuloy ang ganitong uri ng pananaw ng ating mga kababayan ukol sa ARMM.

May dalawang mukha ang kaguluhan sa Muslim Mindanao. Una, ang hidwaan sa pagitan ng Pambansang Pamahalaan at ang mga revolutionary groups, at pangalawa, ang hidwaan sa pagitan ng mga pamilya o Rido, na ayon sa pag aaral ng Asia Foundation ay sanhi ng halos singkwenta prosyento ng kaguluhan dito sa atin.

Ang unang mukha ng kaguluhan ay nakasalalay sa usaping pang kapayapaan sa pagitan ng GPH at MILF. Ito po ngayon ay may nakikitang maliwanag na pag-asa, at tayo ay lubos na nagpapasalamat at patuloy na sumusuporta, sa nilagdaang Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro.

Ang pagharap sa usaping Rido, ay sinimulan natin mismo sa sarili nating bakuran - noong Hunyo po, ay nagkaroon tayo ng peace covenant o rekonsilyasyon sa pagitan ng aking pamilya at ng mga Akbar na nagtapos ng ilang taong hidwaan na nagdulot ng di magandang resulta sa magkabilang pamilya pati na sa ordinaryong mamamayan ng Basilan.

Kasabay rin nito ang pagtulong na maresolba ang hidwaan at pagbibigay daan sa pagkakasundo ng mga nagkakahidwaang pamilya sa loob ng rehiyon na kumikitil ng mga inosenteng sibilyan, sa pangunguna ng Regional Reconciliation and Unification Commission.

Hindi rin po natin iniiwan ang adbokasiya laban sa paglansag ng mga private armies sa loob ng ARMM. Inaamin natin, na isa itong malaking suliraning nagbunga na rin ng sangkatutak na perwisyo sa ating lipunan, kabilang na ang isang masaker na kumitil sa lampas limamput katao. Ngunit, ito ay isa sa pinakamalaking hamon, hindi lamang para sa akin bilang Gobernador, kundi para sa ating lahat. Hindi po nating kaya mag-isa ang laban sa karasahan, kailangan ko kayo, magtulungan tayong isulong ang isang pamayanan malaya sa kaguluhan, malaya sa pang-aabuso, at malaya sa karahasan.

Sa puntong ito, ay nais kong ipaalala ang kahalagahan ng tuwid na pamamahala di lamang sa regional government kundi maging sa ating mga local government units. Ang isang matatag, mahusay at epektibong paglilingkod at pagbibigay serbisyo sa bayan ang siyang susi sa mapayapa at masaganang pamayanan.

Ipinagmamalaki ko pong ipaalam sa inyo, sa pangunguna ng DILG-ARMM, sa ilalim ng dati nitong Regional Secretary Haroun Alrashid Lucman, Jr. at sa suporta ng yumaong DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, iba-ibang programa tungo sa pagpapatibay ng mga institusyong pang reporma ang nailunsad sa ating mga local government units, hindi lamang sa mga probinsiya at munisipyo, kundi maging sa mga barangay.

355 barangays po ang sumailalim sa Development Planning and Community Investment Programming na naglalayung ma-capacitate ang ating mga barangay officials sa rehiyon.

Bukas, lubos at may pananagutan na pamamahala, ang ilan sa mga hinahanap nating katangian ng isang matuwid at epektibong pamamahala o ang tinatawag nilang seal of good housekeeping, at sila po ay nahanap natin.

Mga kababayan, kilalanin po natin ang mga recipient ng Seal of good Housekeeping Award ng ating rehiyon: ang mga munisipyo ng Wao at Ganasi ng Lanao del Sur, munisipyo ng Parang, Upi, Datu Odin Sinsuat at Sultan Mastura ng lalawigan ng Maguindanao at munisipyo ng Siasi sa Sulu.

Kasabay ng good housekeeping na ito, ay ang paggawad din sa kanila ng Governance Reform Fund na nagkaka-halaga ng isang milyong piso.

Hindi rin po nating isinasantabi ang usapin ng karapatang pantao. Sa loob ng mahabang panahon, ngayon lang sa loob ng ating pamamahala, nagkaroon ng tanggapan ang Commission on Human Rights sa ARMM. Salamat din sa RLA, sa pangunguna ni Committee Chair Hon. Zia Adiong.

Malaki rin po ang pagpapahalaga natin sa kapakanan ng ating mga kababaihan. Bago lamang inilunsad natin sa pangunguna ng Regional Commission on Bangsamoro Women ang Violence Against Women o VAW Hotlines upang himukin ang ating mga kababaihan sa rehiyon na biktima ng ibat-ibang klase ng karahasan at pagmamalupit na magsumbong sa pamamagitan ng text o tawag sa naturang hotlines.

Binuo rin natin ang ARMM Council Against Trafficking o ACAT at binigyan natin ng pondong P2 milyon upang maumpisahan ang pagwawakas sa laganap na pangangalakal ng tao sa ating Rehiyon.

Pumasok tayo sa gitna ng hampas ng Sendong, kung saan ang ating rehiyon ang sinisi sa trahedyang nangyari. Kaya isa sa unang Executive Order na inilabas natin ay ang pagbabawal ng pamumutol ng kahoy sa buong rehiyon. Nananatili at naging matagumpay ang polisiyang ito. Maraming salamat sa suporta ng ating kapulisan at militar. Maraming Salamat kay Governor Adiong.

Mataas na rin po ang kahandaan ng ating mga mamamayan sa kalamidad at sakuna, bunsod ito ng pagkakalagda ng Regional Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan kamakailan at sa puspusang kampanya ng RDRRMC ukol sa disaster awareness.

Patunay rito ang pagkakaroon ng zero casualty sa Lanao del Sur at Maguindanao na tinamaan ng Bagyong Pablo nitong buwan lamang.

Ngayon naman po, sa pagpasok ng taong 2013, nakalatag na ang ating mga plano at programa, mula sa Regional Government hanggang sa barangay level.

Kasama sa ating mga prayoridad sa taong 2013 ay ang ating Bayanihan ng Mamamayan tungo sa Kapayapaan at Kasaganaan ng ARMM, isang programa ng damayan at pagkakaisa ng mga initiatiba at programa ng mga ahensya, local government units, donor communities, at civil society organizations.

Isa rin sa ating prayoridad ang Bottom-Up Budgeting, kung saan ang mga pag lalaanan ng pondo ay manggagaling mismo sa mga mamamayan at local government units, upang matiyak na ito ay batay sa pangangailangan ng mga tao. Kaagapay nito ang pagpapalakas sa ating revenue generation at investment promotions.

Ang mga programang ating nailunsad at ilulunsad pa lamang ay hindi po magiging posible o matagumpay kung walang kaakibat na mga polisiya mula sa ating Regional Legislative Assembly.

Kaya’t sasamantalahin ko na ang pagkakataong ito na magpasalamat sa ating mga kasama sa 7th Regional Legislative Assembly sa pagpasa ng mga sumusunod na mahahalagang panukala: Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act 231 o ang Tax Oversight Committee, Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act 299 o ang Public Works Act, Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act 288 or ang Commission on Human Rights Act, Muslim Mindanao Autonomy 290 o ang Appropriations Act, at ito, ang Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act 292 o ang Reproductive Health Care Act na naunahan pa ang kongreso sa pagpasa.

Sa mga kagagalang-galang at nagpipitagang miyembro ng RLA, maraming, maraming salamat, at tunay namin kayong ipinagmamalaki.

Ngunit hindi pa po tapos ang ating trabaho. Muli, ako ay humihingi ng suporta sa ating mga mambabatas, na magpasa ng mga batas upang magbigay daan sa mga programang magpapatuloy sa mga naumpisahan na nating reporma.

Sa larangan ng Edukasyon, aking hinihiling ang pag amyenda sa ating Basic Education Act of 2010 upang maisabatas ang mga realidad na ating natutunan base sa ating mga panibagong pag aaral at eksperiensya.

Ipinakikiusap ko rin na ipasa ang 2013 Public Works Act sa mas madaling panahon upang maumpisahan na ang mga proyektong maglilikha hindi lamang ng mga sementadong daan kundi mga daan tungo sa matatag na ekonomiya ng ARMM.

Matapos nating linisin ang bakuran ng ating Rehiyonal na pamahalaan, at patatagin ang mga institusyong pang serbisyo sa ating mga kababayan, tayo po ngayon ay tumutungo na sa pagpapatatag ng ating ekonomiya. Ekonomiyang pakikinabangan hindi ng iilan lamang, kundi ng lahat ng mamamayan. Ekonomiyang hindi para sa pagyaman ng iilan, kundi upang maiahon ang lahat ng lugmok na kahirapan.

Kaya’t inaasahan ko rin, ang pagpasa ng ARMM Omnibus Investment Act, Amendment of Revenue Code, ARMM Regional Development Corporation Act, at Shari’ah Compliant Micro-Enterprise Fund Act.

Matapos po ang matagumpay na Investment Forum nitong nakaraang buwan na dinaluhan ng ibat-ibang investors mula sa Malaysia, isa naman pong Microfinancing Summit ang nakatakda nating isagawa dito sa unang buwan ng 2013 na dadaluhan din ng mga mamumuhunan mula sa bansang Malaysia. Isang hudyat po ito na kinikilala na ang potensyal ng ARMM sa usaping pandaigdigang ekonomiya, at muli, isang hudyat ng pagtitiwala.

Mga kababayan, inuulit ko po, ang inyong lingkod ay kaisa ninyo sa pagtataguyod ng kapayapaan at kaayusan sa ating Rehiyon at sa buong Mindanao.

Taos puso nating sinusuportahan ang paglagda ng Framework Agreement on Bangsamoro sa pagitan ng Moro Islamic Liberation Front o MILF at ng gobyerno ng Pilipinas.

Naniniwala po tayo na ang kasunduang ito ang unang hakbang upang tuluyan ng mawakasan ang mahigit apat na dekadang hidwaan sa Mindanao at opresyon laban sa mga Bangsamoro at makamit na ang tila napaka-ilap na kapayapaan at kaunlaran sa bahaging ito ng bansa.

Handa po akong mag sakripisyo alang alang sa pagkamit ng tunay na kapayapaan sa Mindanao at sa ating Rehiyon. Nakikiusap din po ako, sa inyo na sana kayoy handa ring magsakripisyo. Ako, kayo, tayong lahat ay dapat maging handa ring magsakripisyo alang alang sa ating mga kababayan.

Ito po ang aking unang SORA, at ikinagagalak kong ibinigay ito sa panahong nasa makasaysayang yugto ang Bangsamoro. Ang pagpapatuloy ng ating naumpisahang reporma sa ARMM, at ang hinaharap nating bukas ng Bangsamoro.

Nagumpisa po tayong nanungkulan na ang tanging dala ay mahigpit na pananalig sa ALLAH , sa kakayanan ng Bangsamoro, at lakas ng loob. Hindi ako nabigo, at ang panalangin ko ay sana hindi ko kayo nabigo.

Mga kababayan, napatunayan natin na sa pamamagitan ng pagkakaisa ng hangarin at pagtutulungan, kaya nating harapin ang anumang hamon, kaya nating lutasin anumang suliranin. Kaya sa bawat tagumpay na ating nakamit sa loob ng isang taon, pasalamatan po natin at palakpakan ang bawat isa sa atin.

Tagumpay na para sa atin, ang ngiti ng bawat bata na nakakapasok na sa maayos na paaralan. Tagumpay na sa atin ang tuwa ng isang matandang ngayon lang nakakita ng doktor. Tagumpay na sa atin ang galak ng isang guro na tumatanggap ng tamang sahod sa tamang panahon, tamang benepisyo kung mag reretiro. Tagumpay na sa atin ang kasiyahan ng isang pamilyang makakauwi na sa kanilang tahanan ng wala nang pangamba ng gyera. Tagumpay na rin po sa atin na unti-unti na nating binibigyan ng kabuhayan ang ating mga kababayan.

Ang mga tagumpay na ito ang ating inspirasyon upang bigyang buhay at katuturan ang pangarap ng ating mga ninuno.

Mga kababayan, sama-sama nating ituloy ang ating naumpisahang reporma. Alalahanin natin na kung walang mulat na mamamayan na nagsusulong ng reporma, walang saysay kahit ano pa mang ganda at porma ng pamamahalaang maitatatag.

Handa na tayong harapin ang bukas, ngayon.

Maraming Salamat po at Magandang hapon sa lahat.

Teacher induction in progress

More than one hundred thirty (130+) newly-recruited eligible teachers representing the 2nd batch are in Cotabato City for their 5-day induction. The Teacher Induction Program (TIP) aims to orient new teacher-recruits about education policies and their rights and responsibility as public school teachers and as new members of GSIS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG and PPSTA. 

The program was conceived by ARMM OIC RG Mujiv Hataman who wanted a program to provide a transition from ordinary citizen to becoming a public servant. In addition to the "opening of the mind" where new recruits are educated about laws, rules and regulations; there is also a session on "opening of the heart" where participants are inspired by stories of great teachers, student-products of public school system and personal confession of invited regional officials about life-changing role and positive influence of their own teachers.

Former DILG-ARMM RS Harun Al-Rashid Lucman, Jr., representing ARMM OIC RG Mujiv Hataman, admonish the new teachers not to take their role for granted as education is foundation for society's development. 

This program is provided free.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

ECHP Materials Turn Over to Model Schools in Tawi-Tawi

The much awaited supplies/materials for the Essential Health Care Program (EHCP) finally were received by the Health and Nutrition Section of the Division of Tawi-Tawi after three (3) months from the MoA signing on August 29, 2012. The supplies were given by the Fit for School, Inc., a non-government organization that initiated and paved the way for the program in the Autonomous region and in the country. Mr. Noel Tarrazona, the Fit for School Regional Coordinator of Region IX and Fit for School ARMM Regional Office facilitated the release of the materials.

There were 480 kits ( 20 kits were given in advance) and each kit consists of a 500ml bottle of toothpaste with fluoride, eight pieces of toothbrush and four bars of soap. Only those model schools with functional WASH facility were given the supplies while those that are still in the process of completing their facility were not given yet. However, they can claim their supplies as soon as they can finish their facility and make it functional which means that water is available.

Among the five model schools only Datu Halun Laboratory School, Sea Orchid Elementary School (Bongao Central District & Bongao III District) and Panglima Jalma Elementary School ( Panglima Sugala District) received their full/complete supplies while Batu-Batu Central School ( Panglima Sugala District) received only about thirty one kits good for more or less 250 pupils. That was good for the three classrooms that were able to finish their facility since they opted to construct their facility by classroom. Meanwhile Tubig Tanah Elementary School (Bongao I District) did not receive yet their supplies because their facility is still on-going.

The simple turn over ceremony was done together with the closing program of the 2-day nurses’ activity on December 12, 2012 at the Division Conference Hall attended by Education Supervisors Edna Alibasa who represented the Schools Superintendent and Surayni Tandih. The District Supervisors, Principals and nurses of the model School were also in attendance.

The turn-over ceremony and closing program were facilitated by the nurse In-Charge Laurel S. AIlani, RN and program coordinator Christine T. Sangkula, RN, MPA.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

AAI promotes awareness through peace murals n LS IIB

The Asia-America Initiative (AAI) has assembled a group of artists, students and volunteers to enliven the school environment through peace murals in some of their pilot schools in Lanao del Sur.

Here are four sample murals:

Peace Mural at Pualas Elementary School. (Photo courtesy of AAI Philippines)
Peace Mural in Raya Elementary School (Photo courtesy of AAI Philippines)
Peace Mural in Kapai Elementary School (Photo courtesy of AAI Philippines)
Peace Mural in Lumbayanague Elementary School (Photo courtesy of AAI Philippines)
AAI believes that "peace, security and respect for human dignity are inseparable". Their mission is "to build hope and empower communities affected by armed conflict and severe poverty."

To visit their website, please click here -

Friday, December 14, 2012

Creative juices ...

Do you have something (curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities) in school, district and division that you are proud to share? 

Is your school, district or division undertaking an activity or innovation in curriculum enhancement, pedagogy, classroom or school management, assessment, and so on?

Do you have something to say on how best to institute education reform?

We are opening our website to contribution from school, district and division levels. Anyone can write - education manager, teacher and students. 

DepED Tawi-Tawi Nurses Gear up for ARMAA 2013

December 12, 2012, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi - The Division Health and Nutrition Section (DHNS) of DepEd Division of Tawi-Tawi spearheaded a 2-day activity for School Nurses on December 11 & 12, 2012 held at the Division Conference Hall. The activity was aimed to: (1) provide nurses a refresher course on First Aid Response in preparation for the ARMMAA on January 7-11, 2013 here in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi; (2) review of the School Health and Nutrition Program (SHNP); (3) Overview of the Essential Health Care Program (EHCP); (4) provide inputs on the linkages of DHNS with NGOs and (5) get together.

Red Cross volunteers demonstrating a proper way of handling patient, as school nurses look on.
(Photo courtesy of Tin Sangkula)

The Nurse -in-charge, Laurel S. Ailani, RN discussed the School health programs giving emphasis on the different reports nurses need to submit monthly, quarterly and annually. Hearing Test and Vision Screening were reviewed and he also explained the importance of these reports in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of the school nurses.

The whole afternoon of December 11,2012 was devoted to Philippine Red Cross Tawi-Tawi sub chapter for a refresher lecture and demonstration on first aid response that included proper bandaging technique, carrying and transporting injured patients, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and update on HIV-AIDS. The lecture was discussed by the Chapter Administrator Ms. Diana Amilasan while the demonstrations were done by the Red Cross Volunteers headed by Ahmed Mushin I. Arakama, RN.

Meanwhile,Ms. Christine T. Sangkula, RN, MPA, the Program Coordinator talked about the Nutrition Program, a review of the WHO-Child Growth System (CGS) Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation and filling up of forms the following day December 12,2012. She also shared the linkages/partnership of DHNS with Non-Government Organizations (NGO) like World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) on the Population Health Environment (PHE) program and Fit for School EHCP. EHCP Model School Nurses Katherine G. Isahac, RN of Datu Halun Lab ES and Mr. Abdurahim H. Antanani, RN of Sea Orchid ES gave the overview of the EHCP and their experience with the program implementation.

Educational tour to Bohol attended by Ms. Sangkula was shared to the group and Bongao I District Nurse Convenor Mr. Temhar Nasilin, RN also shared their lakbay aral to Davao in November 2012. A video on Essential Health Care Unang Yakap was shown courtesy of Ms. Carolina J. Tarang, RN as additional information.

The closing program on December 12, 2012 was done together with the Turn-Over Ceremony of the EHCP Materials to the Model Schools. It was graced by Education Supervisors Edna Alibasa representing the Schools Division Superintendent and Surayni Tandih. The District Supervisors and principals of the Model Schools were also present.

There were a total of seventy (70) school Nurses both elementary and secondary schools who attended the Overview on EHCP and SHNP funded by the Division Office through the courtesy of SDS Hji. Kiram K. Irilis, Ph.D. Ms. Analyn P. Palencia,RN,MA and Ms. Carolina J. Tarang,RN,MPH served as the masters of ceremony. The 2-day activity was indeed a huge success! AJA! DepEd Tawi-Tawi Nurses! (Tin Sangkula/DHNS Tawi-Tawi).

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advise to new promotees

Newly promoted personnel are advised to observed the following:
  1. No need to follow through your attested appointment. It will be released directly to your division office.
  2. Report to the Regional Secretary anyone at the Division Office DELAYING or WITHHOLDING the release of your attested appointment.
  3. The courier service from the Regional office has been paid. Don't be gullible or naive to petty excuses or name dropping. Be careful with those who name drop of or allegedly being close to the RG, RS and ASec. Please note that the Regional Secretary has issued a memo discouraging the designation of "Liaison Officer".
  4. Before your appointment was released by the Regional Office, the RPSU has been ordered by the Regional Secretary for immediate adjustment of your salary and to reflect it on the immediate month. No need to call, follow-up or mae "deal" with any RPSU or Regional Office staff.
  5. Backpays will be adjusted accordingly. If no payment within 3 months, please complain to Action Center for Eductation (ACE). ACE can be contacted via text through CP #09163585010 (Globe) 09088696077 (Smart), email: [email protected]

Advise to new Teacher 1 permanent appointees

1. Check if your name is included in the Batch 2 of the Regional Teacher Induction Program (TIP). If your name is included, remember the TIP starts on Nov 17 in Cotabato City.

2. The Regional TIP is free - pax will be reimbursed of most economical mode of transpo, free food and accommodation, and materials.

3.  The following month upon attendance to TIP, the Regional office will strive to include you in the payroll (Jan 2012). No need for any follow up, "pakiusap", "pakisuyo", "bigay", "lagay" and the like. This is RG Mujiv Hataman and RS Atty Jamar Kulayan's directive. Kung may mangingikil, report to ACE - via text through CP #09163585010 (Globe) 09088696077 (Smart), email: [email protected]

4. Backpay will be facilitated thereafter. Same procedure with payroll inclusion. Just be patient.

5. Be alert. Don't be a victim. Remember, it is your primary responsibility to protect yourself.  Don't be gullible or naive to petty excuses or name dropping. Be careful with those who name drop or allegedly being close to the RG, RS and ASec. Please note that the Regional Secretary has issued a memo discouraging the  "Liaison Officer".

Attested appointment released by CSC December 5, 2012








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Sinama - "Hap pamarinta tudju BARMM na sambu maka salamat"

Bahasa Sug - "Dan mabuntul tudju pa BARMM masambu iban mahatul"

Meranaw - "Mathitu a kandatu sa BARMM ko katagompiya go kalilintad"


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