“Matuwid na Pamamahala Tungo sa ARMM na Masagana’t Mapayapa”


Overall, the structure of DepEd-ARMM is two-tier: One (1) Regional Office leading nine (9) divisions. The divisions can be divided into four (4) types: 
  • Type 1: Provincial division like Sulu and Tawi-Tawi that covers the entire province.
  • Type 2: Subprovincial division like Lanao Sur I and II, Maguindanao I and II, where the province is divided into two along congressional district line.
  • Type 3: Pseudo-provincial division like Basilan where initially it appears that the division covers the entire province but where at closer look, you will see the provincial capital town Isabela is a division on its own and is part of Region IX and Lamitan City, a component city is another division.
  • Type 4: City division like Marawi and Lamitan Cities.

At the Regional level and within the Regional Office, the leadership is provided by the Regional Secretary and assisted by an Undersecretary for Madrasah Education, Assistant Secretary for Programs and Projects and Assistant Secretary for Operations.

In turn, the Undersecretary for Madrasah Education supervises the Bureau of Madrasah Education (BME); the Assistant Secretary for Programs and Projects supervises the Bureau of Elementary Education (BEE), Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE), Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) and Bureau of Physical Education and School Sports (BPESS); and the Assistant Secretary for Operations supervises the Bureau of Administrative, Finance and Other Support Services (BAFOSS).

There are also specialized offices such as the Bureau of Planning Services (BPS, Action Center for Education (ACE), Regional Information Office (RIO) and the Legal Section that are under the direct supervision of the Regional Secretary.

At the Division Level, the leadership belong to the Schools Division Superintendent and assisted by two (2) Assistant Schools Division Superintendents, either full-fledged or designated, and either in-charge of elementary level or secondary level.

At a maximum there are fourteen (14) Education Program Supervisors in charge of the K to 12 Learning Areas and Program Coordination.

Also under the direct supervision of the Schools Division Superintendent are the Division Planning Section and Division Health and Nutrition Section. The administrative support functions are provided by a small team of administrative officers, administrative assistants and administrative aides.

At the district and school levels, all the elementary districts as directly supervised by the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, the other Assistant Schools Division Superintendent is responsible for all the national high schools.

Each elementary district is composed of one (1) central school and a number of elementary and primary schools.

Ideally, every elementary school or high school is supposed to be headed by a school head, either a full-fledged Principal or Head Teacher; while incomplete schools and primary schools are supposed to be headed by a teacher-in-charge.

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"Matuwid na pamamahala tungo sa ARMM sa masagana't mapayapa"

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