"Matuwid na Pamamahala Tungo sa ARMM na Masagana't Mapayapa."

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DepEd-ARMM Regional Office 
+63 (64) 390-14-65
+63 (64) 421-96-82
Bureau of Madrasah Education (BME) +63 (64) 390-1463

Public Affairs Service - Regional Communications Unit
Office of the Regional Secretary
+63 997-184-5518

Reform Action Center for Education (RACE), a complaint center with the following facilities: 3 mobile numbers, 1 landline, email and walk-in.

Contact other ARMM government branches and agencies

Office of the Regional Governor
Administrative Management Services  +63 (64) 421-1224
Bureau of Press Information +63 (64) 421-1742
Budget Office
Cabinet Secretary +63 (64) 421-1544
Cash Division +63 (64) 421-9448
Chief of Staff +63 (64) 421-1225
Finance Office +63 (64) 421-2232
General Services Office +63 (64) 421-2298
Intelligence and Security Services +63 (64) 421-1323
Library +63 (64) 421-1775
Office of Development Assistance +63 (64) 421-1987
Office of the Executive Secretary +63 (64) 421-5189
Office of the Regional Treasurer +63 (64) 421-96-09
Records Division +63 (64) 421-6495
Regional Budget Management Office +63 (64) 390-34-16
Solicitor General +63 (64) 421-1322
Supply office +63 (64) 421-7310
Technical Management Services +63 (64) 421-9149

Line Agencies And Other Offices
ARMM Social Fund Project +63 (64) 421-11-28
Bureau of Cultural Heritage +63 (64) 421-14-70
Cooperative Development Authority +63 (64) 421-87-23
Commission on Higher Education +63 (64) 421-99-77, +63 (64) 421-49-19
Civil Service Commission +63 (64) 421-18-55, +63 (64) 390-14-66
Department of Agriculture & Fisheries +63 (64) 421-12-48, +63 (64) 421-12-34
Department of Agrarian Reform +63 (64) 390-14-61
Department of Environment & Natural Resources +63 (64) 421-43-87
Department of Interior & Local Government +63 (64) 421-12-35, +63 (64) 421-13-79
Department of Health +63 (64) 421-98-40, +63 (64) 421-39-88
Department of Labor & Employment +63 (64) 421-97-88, +63 (64) 421-33-47
Department of Science & Technology +63 (64) 390-14-54
Department of Tourism +63 (64) 421-14-55, +63 (64) 390-14-51
Department of Transportation & Telecommunication +63 (64) 390-14-98
Department of Public Works & Highways +63 (64) 421-90-57
Department of Trade & Industry +63 (64) 421-72-29
Housing & Land Use Regulatory Board +63 (64) 421-15-52
National Statistics Office +63 (64) 421-60-64
Office of Southern Cultural Communities +63 (64) 421-80-64
Regional Board of Investment +63 (64) 421-12-91, +63 (64) 421-15-91
Regional Commission on Bangsamoro Women +63 (64) 421-94-24
Regional Planning & Development Office +63 (64) 421-16-14
Regional Sports Commission Office +63 (64) 421-11-76
Regional Tripartite Wages & Productivity Board +63 (64) 546-04-10
Technical Education Skills Program & Dev't. Authority +63 (64) 429-00-68, +63 (64) 429-0005

Regional Legislative Assembly
+63 (64) 421-05-02, +63 (64) 421-15-03


  1. i've noticed that DepEd Armm not found in the list..what's the reason?

  2. Salam sir. You may have missed it, the DepEd-ARMM contacts is on top of all.

    Thank you for visiting our website

  3. Salaam,

    I'm glad that DepED ARMM came up with this website, giving us opportunity to check on the appointments and promotions if the process is going on, memos and other deped concerns .

    I was hoping maybe you could have an email add, to whom we can direct our concerns regarding promotion and reclassification.

    Will the newly submitted appointments as of August 9-10, 2012 be posted here?
    Please keep us posted.

    Thank you so much!

  4. Salam Ma'am... You can send your query via this comment facility. All comments are moderated and referred to concerned DepEd-ARMM official for action.

  5. Sir Sec:


    Pwede help niu naman kami sa pagpapadali ng mga loan application namin bago pa kami malubog sa mga loan shark na yan. ung asawa ng kaibigan ko nag-a-undergo pa ng dialysis tas tuwang tuwa cia when she learn na ma-grant na ang loan sa landbank.

    Sir, bawat isa sa amin ay may knikanyang storya ng pangangailangan. At dahil mas madali and loan shark khit mabigat ang interest we resorted to it. please po make it easy for us before it too late for us to improve our lives. Ang bank napaka-minimal ang interest compared to loanshark na doble interest in 1o mos, huhu..

    Save us po and make it easy for us.

    More power.

    Mr. Hatta

  6. sir sec:

    we need you kind assistance regarding our loan application. some others need it badly as kasi it a matter of life na po at ung iba a matter of honor na po..

    save us please!

    God bless.

  7. Salam..this October 5 inshallah, we will be singing the MOA with a bank for the salary loan facility for teachers. This will be our present to our hero teachers on World Teachers Day..

  8. salaam,

    I just wanna ask if high school LET passers are allowed to teach in elementary?Because I've noticed that in cities or other provinces they were allowed but when i tried to apply in lanao del sur,high school teachers were not allowed to teach in elementary..I belong to the new curriculum of BSED &BEED;first batch actually(2005) wherein we are supposed to be allowed to teach in elem. unlike before.Please do reply to my query ASAP.tnx!

  9. can anybody tell me, what's the address ni jamar kulayan office?

  10. Salam Hansha, here's the address of DepEd-ARMM Regional Secretary Atty. Jamar M. Kulayan:

    Atty. Jamar M. Kulayan
    Regional Secretary
    DepEd-ARMM Regional Office
    ORG Complex
    Cotabato City

  11. Salam Johny Trinidad,

    Secondary LET passers CAN teach in the elementary grade. Elementary LET passer CAN NOT teach in high school.

  12. Salam. I'm interested in applying as computer encoder in your good office. May I ask if you entertain online application? If yes, what e-mail address can i send the requirements? Sukran.

  13. Hi! DepEd Central lists 681 children with disabilities in ARMM enrolled SY 2011-2012. But the only 2 SPED centers are Julo and Bonga. How many are actually enrolled in SPED Ctrs and the rest are mainstreamed..(how many)?

    1. Salam Philippine Coalition,

      Yes it's true we have only two (2) SPED centers - in Jolo, Sulu and Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.

      Unfortunately, at the Regional Office/level, the SPED program has not received the attention/support it deserves. Under the current leadership of DepEd-ARMM, he has given the go signal to prioritize SPED. Recently, 2 senior officials and 2 SPED teachers from Jolo and Bongao attended a forum in sponsored by AusAID and some consensus emerged on how to proceed ...

      If you have an ARMM-based organization, please ask them to coordinate with DepEd-ARMM. Asec Noor is designated to lead the process... his email is [email protected]

  14. How can we verify if the students that are transferring here in Manila do came from your region? How ca we verify if the credentials they are submitting are the originals? we have 4 transferees from Masiu science and technology school, the unit are incorrect and so are the number of school days...

    1. Hi Zeder72410, please email the name of the transferee students from Masiu Science and Technology School to the DepEd-ARMM Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE). They can refer and validated your query in the Learners' Information System (LIS). Pls email [email protected]

  15. I am Adrian Paul P. Liangco, a Psychology student of Angeles University Foundation, Angeles City. I am currently writing my research regarding the social cohesion among Moslem students. I would like to request the list of Elementary and High schools with ALIVE Program (Islamic education/Moslem education) that are stationed in Region 3. I hope that your good office may help me.

    I am looking forward for your positive response as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

    Adrian Paul Liangco

  16. Hi Adrian, please try linking directly with the DepEd CO Madrasah Education Program. They have an FB account -


"Matuwid na pamamahala tungo sa ARMM sa masagana't mapayapa"

English - "Good governance for a progressive and peaceful ARMM."

Sinama - "Hap pamarinta tudju ARMM na sambu maka salamat"

Bahasa Sug - "Dan mabuntul tudju pa ARMM masambu iban mahatul"

Meranaw - "Mathitu a kandatu sa ARMM ko katagompiya go kalilintad"