Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where we are with K+12 preparation?

Undoubtedly, teacher training and the provision of new curriculum and instructional materials form part of the core preparation for K+12 implementation.

Since the assumption to office of the DepEd-ARMM leadership. It has been a policy to work closely with DepEd Central on program development and delivery. The cornerstone of this synergy is K+12 implementation.

The following month, a team from DepEd-ARMM joined in the national workshop conducted by DepEd Central in Cebu. It was to plan the massive training requirement for Grades 1 and 7. The legwork to implement the regional plan as approved by DepEd central was done by a composite team headed by Asec Mai Latiph, and with members from BSE and BEE. 

While DepEd-ARMM was allowed to participate, the critical fund disbursement was centralized by DepEd. Payment to TEI partner in charge of Grade 7 training was not downloaded according to plan. Payment for Grade 1 training at 3 different venues was delayed. in one particular instance, DepEd-ARMM have to shoulder directly P2.4 million.

There was a number of training that cannot be postponed anymore and will have to proceed even without funds downloaded because the trainers and participants are already in transit. In this particular situation, DepEd-ARMM Secretary Atty Jamar Kulayan step in and coordinated with his finance team to look for ways to pay for these emergent expenses.

Asec Mai Latiph for Programs response: "Our K-12 Trainings for Grade 1 training is on-going despite the absence of funds and modules from DepEd Central Office. However, we experienced some difficulties in terms of module production and accommodation so the Management Team decided to re-schedule some remaining batches for efficiency and quality."

To date, we have trained 1,285 or roughly corresponding to 37.58% of our Grade 1 targets. After coordinating with DepEd Central and within June 2012, we will trained the remaining 2, 134 Grade 1 teachers or roughly 62.41%. The breakdown by division is reflected in the table below:

For Grade 7 targets, we have trained 1,297 or equivalent to 44.61% of the total 2,342 targets. 1,045 Grade 7 teachers are still to be trained or equivalent to 55.38%.

Grade 7 training is provided by University of Southern Mindanao. DepEd Central Office directly download the funds without any participation from the DepEd-ARMM. DepEd-ARMM's role is to mobilize target participants. So far, the attendance to the training is very high due to teacher's commitment and enthusiasm about K-12.

Even then DepEd-ARMM is still committed and will continue to work with DepEd Central. Given the magnitude of the demand for training, these are just glitches and should inform better preparation for the upcoming training still to be delivered.

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"Moral Governance"

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