Sunday, June 3, 2012

School Calendar to be issued for the first time

It is observed that a number of activities and observances are largely uncoordinated and if observed hastily prepared. Many administrative matters (personnel, budgeting, payroll, reports) are often left to fate, disorganized and if responded to are a matter of compliance; instead of observing its wider monitoring and evaluation (M&E) implications, or contributing to the overarching education policies and national agenda. 

Section 55, Article V of the MMA Act 297 states “DepEd-ARMM shall make an official issuance of school calendar days for every school year thereby determining the date of the opening and closing of classes, school days, number of school days, and those for regular national and regional holidays. School calendar must be flexible during the month of Ramahan.” 

DepEd Order 26, s. 2012, issued on April 4, 2012, defines the School Calendar for School year 2012-2013. The important details to remember are: 

a. June 4, 2012, is the opening or first day and March 22, 2013, is the last daysschool classes for all public schools. 

b. Private schools may open classes not earlier than June 4 and not later than August 30, 2012. They shall notify the DepEd division office for any deviation. 

c. The total school days required in 200 days. 

d. Observing local holidays not specifically provided in the DepEd Order 26 shall be subject to repays (conduct of makeup classes) to be determined by the concerned local DepEd office. 

Suspending or cutting short school classes to attend personal celebration called for by school/district/division heads is not allowed. School, district or division head that will authorized this suspension or cutting of school classes shall be liable under Sections 3(e) and 4 of to Republic Act 3019. 

The ARMM School Calendar herein adopted (refer to appendix). The activity dates are indicative by nature and are subject to confirmation by the organizers. 

The Schools Division Superintendents are directed to post school calendars (enlarged size) in conspicuous places in the division office and to disseminate to all districts, NHS and elementary schools within their respective jurisdiction.

This memo will be circulated within next week to all the divisions in the ARMM.

"Moral Governance"

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