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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Clarification on Age Requirement under K+12

A number of clarifications have reached this office on K+12 policy implementation. One of these is the age requirements for Kindergarten and Grade 1. Divisions have been advised that the age requirements for Kindergarten and Grade 1 are as follows:

a. Kindergarten - the required age is 5-year old and those who will be 5-year by August.

b. Grade 1 - the required age is 6-year old and those who will be 6-year by August.

This age requirement shall be apply to all public schools as well as private schools and pilot madaris regulated by or granted permit/recognition by DepEd-ARMM.

6-year olds and those who will be 6-year old by August, and have no prior kindergarten background shall be accepted in Grade 1. Initially, the Grade 1 teacher will assess their readiness and they will be immersed through the 8-week preschool curriculum to catch up with their classmates.

As the DepEd kindergarten requirement is for 5-year old children only, private schools and pilot madaris in the region offering two-tier kindergarten should adjust their age requirement as follows:

a. Kinder I – 4 years old

b. Kinder II – 5 years old

Private schools and pilot madaris in the ARMM are forewarned that SY 2012-2013 shall be the last year of intake to Kinder I. Starting SY 2013-2014, only the Kindergarten for 5-year old shall be recognized by DepEd-ARMM.

The Schools Division Superintendents are advised to disseminate this information to the general public through available local media and to direct their respective Private School Supervisor/Coordinator to disseminate this memo among all private schools and pilot madaris in the locality.


  1. DepEd recognizes only one level of kindergarten and this is for 6 years old.

    I will refer your concern to Atty Maisara Latiph, the Asec for Programs. Meanwhile, can you provide us details as to where your daughter is currently enrolled?

  2. Salam Johnter dela Cerna.

    Kindergarten is for 5 years old, not 6. 6 years are expected to be in Grade 1 already.

    My apology ...


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