Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mainstreaming DDRM for education officials and parent leaders

DRRM stands for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. According to Republic Act 10121 or "An Act Strengthening the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System ...",
  • Disaster Risk is "the  potential disaster losses in lives, health status, livelihood,  assets  and services,  which could  occur to  a  particular  community  or  a  society  over  some  specified future time  period."  
  • Disaster Risk  Reduction is "the  concept  and practice of reducing disaster risks through systematic efforts to  analyze and manage  the  causal factors  of disasters,  including  through reduced  exposures to  hazards,  lessened  vulnerability of people and property,  wise  management of land  and the  environment, and improved preparedness for  adverse  events."
  • Disaster  Risk  Reduction  and  Management is "the systematic  process  of  using  administrative  directives, organizations,  and  operational  skills  and  capacities  to implement strategies,  policies  and improved coping  capacities in  order  to  lessen  the  adverse  impacts  of  hazards  and  the possibility  of disaster.  Prospective  disaster risk reduction  and management  refers  to  risk  reduction  and  management activities  that address  and seek  to  avoid  the  development  of new  or  increased  disaster  risks,  especially  if  risk  reduction policies  are  not  put in place." 
On September 10-13, 2012, the DepEd-ARMM Regional Education Cluster Workshop on mainstreaming DRR-EiE-CCA to prepare front line implementers which was held in Davao City. This event was attended by DepEd-ARMM officials, superintendents, supervisors and Parent Teachers Associations (PTA) representatives. The workshop was facilitated  by UNICEF, Save the Children and CFSI.

The workshop aims to institutionalise the culture of safety at all levels of the education system and propose projects and programs which will mitigate and reduce the impact of disasters schools and offices.

One of the significant output of said workshop is a proposal for the Regional Legislative Assembly of ARMM to amend MMA Act 279 to include provisions on DDR-EiE-CCA.

Additional information:
To know more about the DRRM, please click here to get to the site of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRM)

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