“Matuwid na Pamamahala Tungo sa ARMM na Masagana’t Mapayapa”

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Feature: A Habit Forming Activity through EHCP

By Christine Tawasil-Sangkula, RN, Division Coordinator, Tawi-Tawi Division

Datu Halun LES pupils start to make a habit of toothbrushing under the EHCP.
Photo courtesy of Tin Sangkula
The Datu Halun Laboratory ES, after receiving their initial supplies of EHCP materials are ready for the actual tootbrushing and handwashing activities. Today the pupils are just so excited to start the group activity with smiles in their faces. 

The school Principal Ms. Shaiha A. Irahani and the Grade I adviser Mrs. Adelina Baridji were as excited as the pupils in assisting them do the fun activity.

The Essential Health Care Program (EHCP), aside from the its aim of reducing problems of tooth decay it also addresses to lower the incidence of childhood communicable diseases through daily handwashing with soap and toothbrushing with fluoride and bi-annual de-worming. The group activity is expected to inculcate and form a habit among school children that would serve as their tool in combating health problems. Asec Noor Mohammad D. Saada, in his message during the MoA signing and launching ceremonies said that “ half of our faith is hygiene”. Definitely EHCP is the way to maintain good personal hygiene and once it becomes a habit then we could expect that it shall remain in these school children.

Take a look at the word HABIT. When H is removed what is left is A BIT, which means that whatever a person is habitually doing remains as is. When A is removed there is still the word BIT, still it remains. When B is further removed, what is left is IT. Hence it is said that once a HABIT is formed it is difficult to get rid of it and so therefore when every child in school forms the habit of daily handwashing and toothbrushing we are confident that it will become part of their daily activity and it becomes automatic for them to do it.

So let us all make a good HABIT!

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