Monday, June 18, 2012

BRAC ADM (Philippines) Training of Trainers

Davao City - Eleven trainers who have been privileged to go on a study tour around Comilla, Mymensingh and Dhaka, Bangladesh to learn about the operation of BRAC schools are continuing their training in Davao City Philippines from June 9-12- 2012. Each of these eleven trainers represents a cluster within a Province. Similar to a ripple effect, participants coming from the same Province will be responsible to train those not only in their respective clusters but all the Learning Facilitators in the entire Province beginning June 16, 2012. The wealth of experience these trainers learnt during the Study tour equips them with the capacity to implement the teaching and learning strategies suited to the children in ARMM.

Local BRAC Education Specialist, Ms. Bella Lanestosa, who had recently been to Bangladesh with the eleven participants, along with two BRAC Advisers, M. Nurnobi Talukder, M. Ibrahim Khalil are working very hard to ensure this training becomes successful. Their commitment is being evidenced by their engagement and active participation in all the activities inside the training hall.

At the commencement of this training, these trainers will go back to their respective Provinces and conduct Basic Training for Kinder (Pre-Elementary) and Grade 1 Learning Facilitators. The entire training will run for 4 days where 2 days is allotted for the training of Kinder facilitators and another 2 days for Grade 1 facilitators. The month of June is proving to be an exciting month for all the members of BRAC ADM Philippines. In all these activities, the eleven trainers involved in the training will each play a vital role in ensuring the success of this year’s implementation of BRAC Philippines.

"Moral Governance"

English - "Good governance for a progressive and peaceful BARMM."

Sinama - "Hap pamarinta tudju BARMM na sambu maka salamat"

Bahasa Sug - "Dan mabuntul tudju pa BARMM masambu iban mahatul"

Meranaw - "Mathitu a kandatu sa BARMM ko katagompiya go kalilintad"


"Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE)"